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July 13, 2022
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Restricted to 20 Dental practitioners!

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The Ongoing Dental Education Department from the Faculty of Dentistry, College of Toronto announces the very effective is going to be offered again in 2015. This can be a part-time, evidenced based program offered on various Fridays and Saturdays beginning in The month of january 2015 and running until early December 2015.


This program calls for didactic and hands-on training along with the chance to deal with a minimum of two surgical sites underneath the supervision of college experts including situation selection, diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical phase and prosthodontics phase to final completion. Student dental practitioners may choose patients needing single or multiple implants but all patients to become treated should be authorized by the Faculty as appropriate for that educational needs from the student.

This isn't a training course with different single implant system. Participants within this program may have the chance within the first phase from the residency to study a number of implant systems after which pick the system that they would like to use within the individual treatment phase. Different systems might be selected for every patient to broaden the academic experience or even the student can opt for exactly the same system for patients.

Participants are urged to create their very own patients and do have the choice of charging the lab fee to them. The School can arrange someone for any participant, if asked for, however the lab fee can't be billed to the individual.

Note: This program will come across the brand new RCDSO Recommendations for Educational Needs for Implant Dentistry.



Please be aware: Additional costs includes the cost of implants, abutments, and lab costs for treated cases and will also be billed towards the dealing with dental professional who are able to decide to pass individuals onto their patient.

Financial terms the following:

• $1Thousand non-refundable deposit upon registration• $5Thousand December 1, 2014

NO refunds for just about any payment made.

The College of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry values the unrestricted educational grants or loans deliver to this program by Biomet 3i, Dentsply Implants, Nobel Biocare and Straumann.

The School would like by way of thanking Durban Dental Labs, Henry Schein, Medco Instruments Corporation. and Shaw Number of Labs for his or her contribution for this course.

Month/Date Lecture • Preclinical • Clinical Subjects
Comes to an end., 9 Jan.

Sitting., 10 Jan.

CDE Center

  • Introduction
  • Course objectives
  • Screening/selection criteria for that course
  • General summary of implant systems and biological idea of osseointegration
  • Patient background and record collection when preparing for implant therapy
  • Implant success and risks
  • Ridge upkeep
  • Utilization of radiographic/surgical guides and CBCT scan
  • Overview of ODA fee guide code for implant therapy
Comes to an end., 6 February.

Sitting., 7 February.

CDE Center
  • Informed consent and presentation from RCDSO and PLP
  • Situation selection
  • Patient management
  • Medicinal consideration
  • Surgical concepts and methods
  • Prosthodontic consultation and treatment planning
Comes to an end., 27 February.

481 College Ave.

Sitting., 28 February.

  • Overview of dental facial anatomy
  • Atraumatic extraction techniques
  • Surgical procedure planning
  • Biologic width and platform switching
Comes to an end., 10 Apr.

Sitting., 11 Apr.

Sun., 12 Apr.

(Corporate Wknd)

  • Biomaterial and structural factors
  • Implant positioning and loading (postponed versus immediate)
  • Implant Appearance
  • Implant surgical technique with preclinical hands-on
  • Implant corporate periods (11 Apr. and 12 Apr.)
Comes to an end., 1 May

Sitting., 2 May

  • Suturing and implant site development with preclinical hands-on
  • Deadline for finalizing situation selection and approval (Sitting., 2 May)
Sitting., 30 May

Sun., 31 May

124 Edward St.

  • Clinical periods – surgical positioning of implants
June, This summer, August OFF
Comes to an end., 18 Sep.

Sitting., 19 Sep.

  • Prosthodontic and laboratory factors with preclinical hands-on
Comes to an end., 16 March.

Sitting., 17 March.

  • Prosthodontic and laboratory factors
  • Clinical Periods – final impressions of implants
Comes to an end., 20 November.

Sitting., 21 November.

  • Implant Maintenance, complications and failure
  • Clinical Periods – completions of implant restoration
Comes to an end., 11 12 ,.
  • Integration of dental implant therapy into private practice
  • Overview of cases
  • Completing CDE course
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Source: www.cde-utoronto.ca
Dental Implant Surgery
Dental Implant Surgery
Dental Continuing Education in your office!
Dental Continuing Education in your office!
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