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September 3, 2014
MT Student Association

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) lately introduced intends to nix their Bachelor of your practice program towards broadened Master training and Master of Arts in Child Study and Education levels.

Starting in 2015, incoming education students will have the ability to “undertake advanced study within the educational sciences and simultaneously satisfy the needs for licensure to train in Ontario”, basically graduation from OISE with a teaching along with a master’s degree.

When Ontario’s government mandated that colleges lengthen their teacher teaching programs to 2 years — allegedly to enhance teacher education and lower the oversupply of instructors — OISE saw a method to take advantage of their already effective master’s degree programs.

Rather than growing their undergrad Bachelor of your practice program, as other Ontario colleges is going to be doing, OISE, associated with the College of Toronto, elected to spread out 500 more Master training and Master of Arts in Child Study and Education spaces, additionally towards the 200 already available.

Because of the highly competitive employment market in teaching in Ontario, who'd blame students for jumping at the opportunity to participate OISE’s Master training program?

To be able to succeed, new instructors have to set themselves aside from other graduates and be ready for the chance they might not find “classroom” employment after graduation.

Teaching tasks are tough to come across because of many years of colleges producing new instructors with couple of job prospects, therefore the chance to graduate having a teaching and master’s degree — something which may better qualify a brand new teacher for employment past the class — is really a no-brainer.

Indeed, OISE is selling the program as permitting students to “… go onto assume leadership positions not just in education however in health care, government and also the private sector.”

Let’s hope OISE’s program produces elevated competition which will begin to see the best and cleverest using to the program, forcing other colleges to enhance their teacher education levels to be able to attract candidates.

But it is also important to indicate that although OISE would be the beneficiary of their decision to get rid of their Bachelor of your practice program, students might not be.

That’s because OISE will have the ability to charge elevated tuition costs for college students entering their master’s program in addition to receive additional government funding.

The price of finishing a master’s program is important for college students.

This might finish up positioning OISE being an “elite” education program, restricting the swimming pool of potential candidates based exclusively around the cost, a real possibility which makes this feel a lot more like a money grab than other things.

Also troubling is the fact that entrance to OISE’s master’s program puts no focus on practical teaching experience.

Nearly all Master training programs throughout Ontario require a minumum of one year training experience before entry, putting OISE’s program from sync using its alternatives.

In offering an “entry to practice” degree, OISE education graduates may have the required needs — in writing — for jobs for example creating curriculum and education guidelines, but no mandatory, real-world class understanding in it.

Will an expert training degree alllow for better instructors? Most likely not.

Will the price of acquiring this degree cost it when it comes to getting jobs for that students taking it? That remains seen.

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