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June 20, 2014
The Ontario Ministry of
Goodwill CEO Keiko NakamuraTORONTO -

The 2 ministries that handed nearly $4 million to Goodwill Industries of Toronto, Eastern, Central and North Ontario (TECNO) in 2014-15 insist even today the now-defunct agency spent the cash for that reasons intended.

“Based around the 2014-15 report (from Goodwill), the company satisfied its service obligations, “ states Secretary of state for Community and Social Services (MCSS) spokesperson Alissa Von Bargen.

“We are also reaching to clients individually and so far, clients don't have any concerns or difficulties with the help these were provided.”

Von Bargen was mentioning towards the nearly $1.seven million presented to Goodwill for 2 programs serving teenagers and grown ups with developmental along with other disabilities.

She did concede that when Boss Keiko Nakamura — who made $230, 538 in 2014 — introduced these were shuttering 16 stores, 10 donation shops and 2 offices in mid-The month of january, roughly $294Thousand in ministry obligations with this year were stopped.

Belinda Bien, spokesperson for that Secretary of state for Training, Schools and Colleges (MTCU), also was adamant more often than once that there have been “no issues to report” on Goodwill regarding the nearly $two million the company received in 2014-15 to provide employment and training services.

She stated that organizations finding the type of funding released to Goodwill are supervised “under an accountability framework, ” encompassing company recommendations, legal contracts, audit needs and monitoring tools. Her answer — packed with goobledygook — never specified whether clients were questioned or ministry staff really visited Goodwill to discern that which was completed with the cash.

A Goodwill insider, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Toronto Sun that MCSS funding was frequently moved to MTCU programs along with other unknown areas — departing the help for disabled clients with no proper staff, office supplies online or assets to make sure clients were correctly groomed or could reach focus on time. Their offices didn’t have door knobs for several weeks, the insider stated, affecting client discretion.

Meanwhile, the insider added, the executives would “frequently hold focused meetings” and expense every little factor (like vehicle washes) “with no apparent constraints.”

The origin stated many former work affiliates “had no training within the area or were grossly underqualified.”

The insider also stated that simply before Goodwill shut shop, many companies who'd hired disabled clients were threatening to fireplace these subsidized employees because “they hadn’t been compensated the guaranteed (ministry-funded) subsidies in several weeks.”

Efforts to achieve Okine directly happen to be not successful and Nakamura hasn't spoken towards the Sun up to now.

But another former worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity, stated Goodwill operated just like a “sweatshop” and individuals employed in the retail shops weren't correctly trained. The previous worker stated “it would be a turning door” and staff who dared request questions were fired before their probationary period was up.

And also the source was frustrated the board didn't do something to prevent that which was no longer working because it should.

Grants or loans, Grants or loans And Much More Grants or loans

The great will proven to now-defunct Goodwill Industries through the provincial Liberals:

• Timing of grants or loans: 2014-15

• Secretary of state for Community and Social Services (MCSS):

  • Total: Nearly $1.seven million
  • Supported Employment Program: $1.44 million
  • employABILITY Program: $220Thousand

• Obligations stopped by MCSS for 2015-16: $294Thousand

• Secretary of state for Training, Schools and Colleges (MTCU):

  • Total: Nearly $two million
  • Employment Service: Greater than $1.5 million
  • Youth Employment Fund: $310Thousand
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Source: www.torontosun.com
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