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August 16, 2022
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Anson Park Public School


  • Oakridge junior public school
  • Chartland Junior Public School
  • Alexmuir Junior Public School
  • Chief Serta George Public School
  • Kennedy Public School
  • Port Royal Public School
  • Heritage Park Public School
  • Highland Creek Public School
  • Morrish Public School
  • Pauline Manley Junior. Public School
  • Brookmill Blvd Junior. Public School
  • Louise Levels Public School
  • Silver Springs Public School.
  • Elizabeth Simcoe Public School
  • Mary Shadd Public School
  • Meadowvale Public School
  • Fleming Public School
  • Robert Service Senior High School
  • George B. Little Public School
  • North Bridlewood Junior Public School
  • Military Trail Public School
  • Brookside public school
  • William G. Burns

The almighty Roberts junior public school

Other boards[edit]

  • Jack Miner Senior Public School is definitely an grade school named after Jack Miner. The college began in 1970. In '09, it had an enrollment of 217 students.
  • Bellmere Junior Public School
  • Cedarbrook Junior Public School
  • Mason Road Public School
  • Rene Gordon Public School
  • Lucy Maud Montgomery Public School
  • David Lewis Public School
  • Terry Fox Public School
  • George P. Mackie Public School
  • Samuel Hearne Junior High School
  • Oakridge Junior Public school
  • General Brock public school
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Seneca College / Más Canadá
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