University of Toronto Executive Education

November 1, 2022
National Partnership Network

This program offers methods for effectively achieving policy vary from outdoors government.


This session identifies the primary aspects of the political communications process and examines them with regards to the broader political and media conditions that they operate.


This session provides participants having a critical knowledge of public opinion as well as an capability to assess and request the best questions regarding public opinion research that they'll encounter within their professional configurations too as with media reviews of public opinion research.

MoreData Analysis for Public Policy

Evidence based policy making requires experts to have the ability to manage, evaluate and interpret large data sets.

MoreData Visualization: Unlock the Energy of information

This program will give you participants a summary regarding how to visualize data to provide large data takes hold a significant way.

MorePolicy Implementation

This program introduces participants to thinking inside a critical, integrated way on how to deliver on public policy objectives inside a dynamic political and stakeholder atmosphere.

MorePolitics and Policy

Participants will learn how to navigate competing viewpoints, communicate sensitive issues to diverse stakeholders, and align the work they do with political focal points to be able to advance their policy files.


This program introduces participants towards the basic principles of program evaluation, that is necessary to the effective implementation of policy.

MorePublic Policy in Canada: A Breathtaking View

Participants is going to be brought to the greatest policy questions during the day and just how policy experts offer address them.


Executive Education Courses

Comparative Public Policy

Participants will compare policy sources, policy development, and institutions across nations.

MoreFinancial Analysis for Public Servants

Participants will evaluate the issues, questions, and conclusions relevant to the use of cost-benefit analysis in policy decision-making.

MoreHealth Care Policy in Canada

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University of Toronto - Professor Ted Sargent
University of Toronto - Professor Ted Sargent
Experience Rich Arts and Culture at the University of Toronto
Experience Rich Arts and Culture at the University of Toronto
University of Toronto: Welcome to University College
University of Toronto: Welcome to University College
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