TDSB 5050 Yonge St

April 30, 2018
Toronto District School Board

Education Minister Liz Sandals purchased 13 directions be implemented through the Toronto District School Board by February. 13.

1. Develop and implement obvious roles for trustees, the chair, all committees and staff, that will keep everybody from overstepping their limitations and disturbing one another.

2. Revise mandates of committees to become in line with governance policy and never intrude into matters that needs to be worked with by staff.

3. Revise promotion methods for those amounts of staff (aside from director of your practice) that will keep trustees from meddling.

4. Develop insurance policy for a performance evaluation from the director of your practice.

5. Make sure the director of education’s compensation matches the provincial wage freeze, so it presently surpasses.

6. Close trustees’ offices at 5050 Yonge St., except for the chair’s office and shared workspace, and also at other board structures, to help keep trustees from disturbing staff regularly.

7. Implement a shared services model, with trustee services staff confirming with the director. Stop employing trustee constituency assistants.

8. Reduce trustee plan for discretionary office expenses to mirror the proceed to a shared services model.

9. Give a three-year capital plan that reflects a method-wide assessment of pupil accommodation needs from the board. You will find six sub-sections associated with space, enrolment and infrastructure.

10. Develop better methods for audit committee oversight of worldwide and non-core projects and close ties with outdoors groups, like the Confucius institute.

11. Audit committee must review outstanding issues relevant towards the Confucius Institute Canada Worldwide School in Vietnam Neo City Café contract lawsuit and related costs Central Tech lawsuit and related costs.

12. Increase continuity on audit committee by supplying longer terms for trustees and staggered terms for exterior people.

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