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February 1, 2016
Rally at the board!

I'll be holding another Ward Forum on March 10, 2016 within the library of Mister Oliver Mowat Collegiate 5400 Lawrence Ave E at 6:30 pm. All community people, parents and staff are thanks for visiting come and pay attention to author David Bouchard speaking on literacy and marketing reading through. A number of our schools have David’s books within their libraries. He creates for kids, for teens as well as for grown ups. His warm, natural style will rapidly place you comfortable making mtss is a very memorable evening.
Should you haven’t heard David speak before, this can be a wonderful chance to have interaction with among the best loudspeakers I've experienced.

For additional info on David Bouchard.

Optional Attendance Policy

Each school is needed to support students from inside its designated attendance area as authorized by the Board. Students both in elementary and secondary schools will discover possibilities to gain access to and schools and programs when space can be obtained outdoors from the designated attendance areas that they reside. Forecasted enrolment designs for any three-year period is going to be utilized in the resolution of individuals schools, which is closed, to optional attendance. These designations are examined yearly and alter according to enrolment.

To discover if your school is closed (no outdoors students), open (all subjects or grades have space) or limited (the main may accept outdoors students to some specific grade or subject if there's space) visit and appear in the school under Find My School.


The Immunization of faculty Pupils Act claims that a lot of students in Ontario should be vaccinated from the following illnesses: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), polio, measles, mumps, rubella, meningococcal and varicella (for college students born on or after The month of january 1, 2010). This keeps a lot of students safe and healthy. Students is going to be suspended from soccer practice if their immunization record is incomplete. Toronto Public Health keeps an eye on the immunization information for those students who attend school in Toronto.

Please be aware that it's the parent's responsibility to update their child's immunization record or give a valid exemption form to Toronto Public Health. Presently, exemptions may affect prior immunity, medical, religious or philosophical reasons. For more information, check out the Toronto Public Health website or call at 416-392-1250.

Recess Throughout Cold Temperature

Grade school students are stored inside for recess and lunch occasions for several climate conditions for example rain, lightning in the region, extreme winds and extreme cold. When temperature and wind chill measure -28C or lower, students are stored inside. Recesses and lunch hour might be reduced when the temperature and wind chill reading through is between -20C and -28C. To learn more, please visit the TDSB’s Tornados procedure.

If your student's medical problem requires further consideration because of climate conditions, or maybe parents produce other questions or concerns about when and how climate conditions affect your son or daughter's school day, please speak to your school’s office.

Jerry Chadwick ~ TDSB Trustee Ward 22, Scarborough East

Garry Tanuan, TCDSB Trustee Ward 8, Scarborough

Spring has finally showed up so we anticipate the conclusion of some other effective school year in the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

Numerous occasions have happened in the TCDSB earlier this month:

 The TCDSB has released a brand new 3 year pastoral plan “Together with One Voice
– Harmonizing Belief within our Families, Parishes and Schools”.

Every day, Catholic schools train the province’s exceptional twenty-first century curriculum with the lens in our Catholic belief. That lens is informed by our Chapel and also the inspiring words of Pope Francis who'd this to state to the youth

:“To you youthful people, I especially trust the job of rebuilding solidarity towards the heart of human culture…We need to remember all individuals who feel unloved, who've no hope for future years and who've quit on life…We need to learn to be the sideof poor people, and not simply enjoy rhetoric concerning the poor!”

Catholic schools turn it into a priority to assist students and also the community to “live out their faith” through actions that provide our siblings and siblings far and near.

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