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May 18, 2017
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The UFT Course Program offers certificate programs from Brooklyn College, The School of Mount St. Vincent, New You are able to Institute of Technology and St. Francis College. These programs won't result in NYS initial certification.


The UFT Course Program, together with Brooklyn College, is providing a 15-credit Autism Spectrum Disorders Advanced Certificate. This program’s training and practicum possibilities reflect a variety of research-based approaches readily available for use children around the autistic spectrum, including applied behavior analysis, discrete trails, natural learning paradigms and developmental social-practical approaches. Students take part in lecture, discussion, observation and exercise, which incorporate a variety of philosophical, educational and clinical paradigms. Students from different disciplines, including education, special education, speech-language pathology, school psychology, social work and work and physical rehabilitation, possess the chance to coach and work collaboratively with future co-workers.

The program is made to provide education and practicing People who've completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education, speech-language pathology, psychology, work therapy or physical rehabilitation and are curious about dealing with children around the autistic spectrum as well as their families. This program also enables professionals to satisfy professional ongoing education needs to keep existing licensure certifications.

Needed courses within this certificate program:
Students must complete The following 3 credit courses

  • CBSE 7685T Introducing Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • CBSE 7666T Special Issues in Education: Class Development and college-wide Learning Conditions for college students with Low Incidence Disabilities
  • CBSE 7686T Speech, Language and Communication Growth and development of Children around the Autistic Spectrum: Assessment and Intervention
  • CBSE 7677T Curriculum Modifications for Teaching Students with Special Needs
  • CBSE 7681T Seminar and Student Teaching: Students with Special Needs

Admission needs with this certificate program:

  • Candidates should have a completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in special education, speech-language pathology, or perhaps a related area. They have to present training in language acquisition and child development. Additional training might be needed as well as special consideration might be granted to current in-service teachers.
  • A job candidate should have gained a Baccalaureate degree having a minimum 3. GPA within the undergraduate major, along with a minimum overall gpa of three..


The UFT, together with Brooklyn College, offers licensed instructors the chance to use to NYSED for further Certification in Bilingual Education. This package includes five course criteria meeting New You are able to Condition Education Department for Bilingual Certification needs through Path: Approved Teacher Preparation Program. Instructors should consult the NYSED website for further individual needs and due dates.

Courses within this certificate program:

  • CBSE 7038X Special Subjects in Education: Bilingualism - Qualities nd Practice
  • CBSE 7050T Bilingual and Multicultural Education
  • CBSE 7351T 
Methods ad Research in Teaching British Language Arts to Bilingual British Language Students
  • CBSE 7353T Language Arts, Literacy, and Social Studies in Bilingual Classes
Source: www.uft.org
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