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April 28, 2017
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Online Learning 2015 – 2016

The College of Toronto offers students diverse learning options — one of these simple options is online learning. Several undergraduate classes are now also on offer online. No matter which U of T campus you attend, these web based classes are available to a lot of students from your three grounds. Some space in every course is going to be particularly restricted to students from each campus.

U of T students sign up for these courses exactly the same way they are doing for those other courses at U of T, with the ACORN/ROSI system. Students should consult their very own Academic Calendars for rules regarding taking courses on among the other grounds. Students using their company colleges can click on Application Information – Undergraduate Web Based Classes in the College of Toronto to learn more.

Summary of Background and Philosophy of Science (HPS100H1)

It is really an summary of the important thing issues within the background and philosophy of science.

Within the first 1 / 2 of the program, we'll concentrate on numerous key philosophical questions: Are we able to know anything with absolute certainty? What is the universal and unchangeable approach to science? What's the mechanism of scientific change? What demarcates science from non-science? Can scientific ideas provide true explanations around the globe? Can there be scientific progress?

Within the other half from the course, we'll outline the scientific worldviews recognized in various periods from the good reputation for science. Particularly, we'll concentrate on the critical factors from the four major scientific worldviews – Aristotelian-medieval, Cartesian, Newtonian, and Contemporary (Quantum-Relativistic).

The main objective of the program – learn how to think significantly around the problems with a brief history and philosophy of science. Inside your lessons, you'll master numerous abilities that will help you to identify problems, formulate conceptions, extract, analyse, evaluate, and style arguments.

The pre-recorded lectures can be found online they must be viewed whenever just before the week’s tutorial. Tutorial periods are live in the portal.

Summary of Environment Science (ENV100Y5Y)

Opening environment science web based course analyzing large-scale options that come with Earth, natural hazards, climate and weather systems, energy and mineral assets, population growth, extinction, bio-diversity, environment harmful toxins, soils and esturine habitat, forests and fisheries, water assets, urban environment management, and food assets. Interdisciplinary interaction among science, social science, and also the humanities is really a major theme. The internet section uses web-based tools for delivery of lecture content and apply a number of online communication tools. A phrase make sure final exam is going to be held around the U of T Mississauga campus, after which student attendance is going to be needed.

Geographic Info &lifier Mapping I (GGR272H1)

Summary of digital mapping and spatial analysis using geographic human resources (GIS) is provided online through the Department of Geography inside the Faculty of Arts and Science. Students learn to use GIS software to locate, edit, evaluate and map geographic data to produce their very own maps, evaluate geographic problems and employ techniques that may be put on a number of subject matter. This program is going to be shipped using technologies that permit versatility of timing for student overview of content, completing practical exercises, and participation in online activities. However, work hours including web seminar periods is going to be at regularly scheduled occasions weekly. Your final exam will need student attendance around the St. George campus.

Summer time 2014 – TBC

Market research of brain systems, including evolution and growth and development of the central nervous system, brain stem system for defensive and approach reactions, limbic and cortical systems for learning, and greater brain functions. Approaches for study of brain systems including pharmacology, gene focusing on and mind imaging are introduced.

Advice for the Class of 2016 - iSchool, University of Toronto
Advice for the Class of 2016 - iSchool, University of Toronto
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University of Toronto (Class of 2008)
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