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May 23, 2015
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(ESA) is really a specialized public arts-academic senior high school situated within the Etobicoke section of Toronto, Ontario, Canada operating from the former Royal You are able to Collegiate Institute facility. Founded on September 8, 1981, the Etobicoke School from the Arts has got the distinction to be the earliest, free-standing, arts-focused senior high school in Canada.


ESA belongs to the Toronto District School Board and accepts students throughout southern Ontario from Grade 9 to 12. The college operates on a 2-day schedule with 4 periods each day. Every week is either week A, or week B, and according to which week it's, the two mid-day courses are switched to be able to ensure students doesn't miss exactly the same class each week for rehearsals or visits. The feminine-to-male ratio from the school is all about 4 to at least one.

The college continues to be promoted in, as well as in a nationwide newspaper. Too, within the September 2006 problem from the Toronto arts magazine, ESA was named Toronto's best arts senior high school. The college was the feature of CTV's in September 2006.


Through the late seventies The Etobicoke Board of your practice had went through procedure for closing over thirty schools due to an impressive loss of enrolment, which dropped from 65Thousand to less than 35Thousand pupils. Regardless of this, the senior staff felt compelled to resume innovative programs which had indicated the Board throughout the sixties and seventies. One idea have been spoken about within the program department would be a school for artistic students.

In nov 1979, the board visited the Fiorello H. LaGuardia Senior High School of Music &lifier Art and Carrying out Arts in New You are able to City. They came away believing that a effective arts school would need to come with an exclusive program, that's, a course that will function by itself, without discussing space inside an existing school. To make sure that the best students enrolled, additionally they agreed that admission could be susceptible to an audition.

The college was opened up on September 8, 1981 in a closed Queensway Public School.

In September 1983 ESA gone to live in its current home in regarding Royal You are able to Collegiate Institute this was closed in June 1982. The college acquired a powerful status within the next decade among Toronto's best secondary schools. Students started to use throughout the Gta and southern Ontario.

Application and Audition Process[edit]

Students are recognized to their selected area, namely Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Music (Band or Strings), Film and Musical Theatre, after going through a credit card applicatoin process and passing an audition the prior year.

They have to submit their grade seven, last term report card and grade eight, first term report card. They have to also submit a filled-out form showing their preference of arts major(s) and minor, their preference of educational subjects (academic, applied or in your area developed) as well as their past instruction within their area(s) of great interest.

Included in the audition process, they have to write an essay on the recommended subject (known only at the time from the audition and written on location) and undergo a job interview with a few distinguished people in the school (graduates, teachers, etc.) within their market. Every year roughly 1000 students are auditioned and 200 students are recognized, mainly in the grade 9 level, however, some students might be recognized at greater grade levels should places become available.

The humanities[edit]

ESA offers artistic programs for college students who effectively complete the audition process within the major of the choice, namely Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Film, Music (Band or Strings), and Musical Theatre. At ESA students have the opportunity to readily experienced arts faculty in addition to numerous professional "going to artists".


Mainstage, the departments headliner production presented every year within the Nancy Primary Theatre, continues to be held because the school opened up almost 30 years ago. The department takes part in lots of competitions like the Sears Ontario Drama Festival where it's won many honours in the history.

The curriculum from the Drama Department is split up into 4 years, every year building around the last. Using the culmination of the work, students produce their Drama Showcases, carried out with the final several weeks from the school year. In September 2012 a brand new acting for that camera program was added in the grade 11 and 12 level this elective program is available to a lot of students no matter their major.

Visual arts[edit]

The Visual Arts Department accounts for the teaching of proper arts and photography at ESA. Almost 30 Years Ago the department started with two instructors and a number of students.

The department has produced several wall art bobs on commission. A few of the wall art have incorporated individuals for Norseman Public School, Humber Valley Village School, Future Bakery, Toronto City Hall, the Daily Bread Foodbank and Woodbine Track.

In addition to displays at ESA, many off-campus shows are also held. Notable displays were held at [1] throughout Nuit Blanche 2009, the girl Arts Resource Center, Harbourfront, Praxis, Gallery 44, Whippersnapper Gallery, Arts Junktion and also the Yukon Arts Center Public Memorial.


The Background Music Department is split into two streams: Strings and Band. Additionally towards the student's selection of study, all Grade 9 and 10 students will need to take Theory, or Rudiments. Grade 12 students have the choice of taking Orchestration, and grade 11 and 12 students have the choice of taking Repertoire rather than Theory.

In Grade 9 and 10, students start to perfect their abilities, both as individual entertainers and ensemble gamers in groups. Technique work is centered on, in addition to overall ability. Theoretically, the main focus is on fundamental theory work (obtained from the RCM Elementary and Grade 1 Rudiments both as individual entertainers, and ensemble gamers in groups. Technique work is centered on, in addition to overall ability. Theoretically, the main focus is on fundamental theory work (obtained from the RCM Elementary and Grade 1 Rudiments Curriculum), along with the Good reputation for Music. Through the aid of their theory and instrumental teacher, students concentrate on personal improvement, in their practical classes and theoretically work. In Grades 11 and 12, students move towards perfecting an individual style of, in addition to concentrating on their technique.

Theoretically, Grade 11 completes a brief history of Music, and increases theory abilities to proficiency in fields for example composition, harmonization, and listening abilities. Grade 12 students go ahead and take Orchestration course, which concentrates on capabilities relating to writing, transposing and organizing music, in addition to a History component.

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