Toronto University Dental Clinic

January 2, 2017
Toronto Downtown Dental Care

Serving roughly 15Thousand new patients each year, the school of Dentistry Treatment centers comprise the biggest dental teaching hospital in Canada.

Below, we answer a lot of our patients' most faq's.

What's your cancellation policy?

The School of Dentistry clinic policy claims that people are likely to give 48 hrs notice if they're not able to go to a scheduled appointment. If proper notice isn't given, the skipped appointment is noted within the patient chart for future reference.

Around the second skipped appointment (without sufficient notice), someone is qualified to become billed for missing that appointment. The skipped appointment charge is $50.00. The individual is going to be charged for that skipped appointment and become likely to pay the cost of this skipped appointment before any more treatment methods are made.

When the patient misses another appointment, clinic policy claims that unless of course you will find mitigating conditions, the individual will be ignored in the Faculty treatment centers. This insurance policy is dependant on students' limited clinical some time and the requirement of students to accomplish core encounters through the finish of the course. The attainment of those core encounters is compromised through the lack of ability of patients to go to for planned visits.

How quickly am i going to get work done on my small teeth?

Based on the season, the kind of dental work needed and also the time needed to find out your viability for that programme, it will take days or perhaps several weeks to become designated to some student.

I've got a terrible tooth pain and should not watch for days. Exactly what do I actually do?

The School of Dentistry includes a small group of emergency visits. Call Patient Reception at 416-979-4927 to investigate about emergency visits.

The Dental Surgery Department are capable of doing tooth extractions for patients who don't want every other dental care. Call the Dental Surgery Department at 416-979-4923 to investigate about Dental Surgery visits.

I live outdoors of Toronto. Can One be someone in the Faculty?

As lengthy as possible attend visits scheduled from your student and are prepared to accept collect, lengthy-distance phone calls out of your student to reserve individuals visits, you may be someone here.

What's going to it cost?

Your student will talk to you regarding your treatments as well as their costs. For many methods, payment arrives at the time you obtain treatment and you'll get an itemized receipt together with your obligations. Your student will explain which in our dental methods should be taken care of ahead of time. Please also make sure to request your student about costs. Whether you've insurance or Social Services coverage, you have the effect of making certain that the account is compensated.

Please be aware that our costs are less than individuals of non-public dental practitioners which we accept cash, VISA, American stock exchange, Mastercard, an atm card and a few cheque obligations.

Would you accept insurance?

Your student will help you complete the insurance coverage forms that you'll submit for your insurance provider for compensation after your treatment methods are completed. Please bring more information regarding your insurance intend on the first appointment together with your student. We won't bill insurance companies directly for the treatment.

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TLG Toronto - Teacher - Angelique
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TLG Toronto - Teacher - Eliza
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TLG Toronto - Teacher - Michelle
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