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October 31, 2021
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Appreciate so unselfishly discussing your time and effort, talent and knowledge with my boy, Elfy Daniel, from Pleased Dinosaurs. I merely cannot describe my happiness and pleasure today when i marvel inside my son’s achievements. I'm confident that he's all set to go with the next phase of his education existence, equipped with the abilities and understanding he'd achieved although in MK. If only MK years of great accomplishments!

Mdm Aznizah, Mother of Elfy Daniel, K2 in 2015

Appreciate all of your guidance and love towards Mindy. She's learnt a great deal throughout both of these years within the MOE Kindergarten. From the girl who doesn’t read, to some girl who'll get a magazine under your own accord to see, I've come across great improvement. She's also loved her education and it is a contented child. Thanks all for the contribution in giving Mindy an enjoyable and loving learning atmosphere.

Mdm Hazel Kwok, Mother of Ho Kai Ting Mindy, K2 in 2015

My boy has truly begun in the last 2 yrs, academically and social, within the MOE Kindergarten. He's always eager to visit school and it has an excellent relationship together with his instructors.

Mdm Sitimurriani, Mother of Muhammad Danish Bin Abdul Rahman, K2 in 2015

Lucas happens to be shy if this involves speaking in public. I elevated this problem to his instructors and also have seen their efforts and dedication towards our shared goal. Today, I'm proud to determine that Lucas has turned into a very confident, cheerful, observant and useful boy.

Mdm Ng Swee Face, Mother of Lucas Foong Jing Bo, K2 in 2015

Shivani has already established a pleasurable chance to learn in K1 and K2. The strong leadership and dedication from the group of instructors have led greatly to the prosperity of the program. We're proud that Shivani is incorporated in the pioneer batch of kids only at that MOE Kindergarten. We wish to thank her instructors for taking care of her.

Full-day Kindergarten: 2 of 4
Full-day Kindergarten: 2 of 4
Full-day Kindergarten: 4 of 4
Full-day Kindergarten: 4 of 4
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