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December 20, 2016
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Professors and academic librarians are in the centre of Ontario colleges.

They train courses, mentor students, and conduct research that grows our understanding and drives our economy. So everybody having a stake within our greater education system—students, parents, businesspeople, people, and policymakers—should be worried about an important question: will we have sufficient professors to complete the teaching, coaching, and research we want from your colleges?

If this involves Ontario, the solution for any very long time is a definitive “No.”

During the last decade . 5, Ontario’s colleges have experienced an enormous rise in enrolment. Between 2000-01 and 2013-14, the amount of students has elevated by 71 percent.

The amount of faculty only has elevated by 31 percent within the same period.

Consequently, Ontario presently has the worst student-to-faculty ratio in Canada, at 29-to-1. The following cheapest (Quebec) is 23-to-1, as the average within the relaxation of Canada is 20-to-1.

To meet up with the nation's average, (OCUFA) estimations Ontario will have to hire over 8, 500 new professors by 2020.

The reason behind Ontario’s poor performance in faculty employing is simple to recognize. Of Canada’s provinces, Ontario presently offers the cheapest degree of public funding to the colleges, lagging the relaxation of the nation by about 34 percent.

Even Ontario’s sky-high tuition costs (the greatest in Canada) can’t close the funding gap entirely. The fact is that Ontario’s colleges are teaching more students with less cash per student and proportionately less faculty than in the past.

The dangerous results of the school employing gap are profound. Students in Ontario now study in huge classes. by OCUFA, between 2005 and 2012, the amount of first- and 2nd-year classes using more than 100 students elevated by 40 percent. The amount of 4th-year classes using more than 100 students tripled within the same period.

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