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May 26, 2016
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The academic services sector includes a single subsector, Educational Services: NAICS 611. Data released under either the sphere or subsector classification are incorporated within the tables below. The subsector includes these industry groups:

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools: NAICS 6111
  • Junior Schools: NAICS 6112
  • Schools, Colleges, and Professional Schools: NAICS 6113
  • Business Schools and Computer and Management Training: NAICS 6114
  • Technical and Trade Schools: NAICS 6115
  • Other Schools and Instruction: NAICS 6116
  • Educational Support Services: NAICS 6117

Labor force Statistics

This provides information relevant to employment and unemployment in educational services. Some data are acquired from employer or establishment surveys, info on industry unemployment develops from a national survey of homes. The next tables present an introduction to the including the amount of jobs, the unemployment rate of individuals formerly employed in the market, job openings and labor turnover, union membership and representation, data for jobs present with the, and forecasts of work employment change.

Employment, Unemployment, and Openings, Employs, and Separations

(Source: Current Employment Statistics, Current Population Survey, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey)

Union Membership and Representation

Data series Back
2012 2013 2014 2015

Union membership and representation

12.4% 12.9% 11.7% 13.7%
14.1% 15.1% 13.8% 15.8%

Employment by Occupation

228, 190
1, 343, 880
625, 510
951, 890
1, 026, 240

Note: These employment estimations include employment both in the non-public-sector and government.


Weekly earnings by union membership status are proven. Recent hourly and annual earnings for jobs generally present in educational services. This also consists of info on the typical price of benefits compensated by companies, in addition to recent rates of alternation in wages and total compensation.

Earnings by Occupation

Data series Wages, 2014
Hourly Annual
Median Mean
Source: www.bls.gov
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