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January 4, 2021
I had an amazing experience

2013/2014 Courses and ProgramsIn eHire, our online Chang School teaching application system, teaching dossiers is going to be recommended to evaluate your qualifications to train a training course.

In The Chang School, teaching dossiers (“resumes” in eHire) usually are meant to give a description and record of the applicant’s professional and teaching achievements and talents in a fashion that conveys the scope and excellence of the applicant’s teaching. Make sure to evaluate the web based course posting/job opening for that needed qualifications relating towards the course section(s) that you are using to train.

The Choice Committee will consider candidates based on their qualifications the following:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Professional experience
  • Teaching experience
  • Currency inside your area
  • Teaching abilities
  • Capability to interact effectively with adult students and co-workers
  • If you're using for teaching operate in several area of interest, you might personalize your dossier for every area.

    What documents ought to be incorporated inside your Chang School teaching dossier?

    Your teaching dossier will include information and evidence that supports your qualifications. It ought to include, although not be restricted to, the next documents. For that ease of the choice Committee, please submit documents within the following sequence:

  • Your resumé, including:
  • Academic qualifications (levels held and degree-granting institutions) and professional designations
  • Particulars of the professional experience associated with the topic area, including period of time within the area, positions held, degree of duties, etc.
  • Review of your teaching experience
  • Proof of your currency inside your area and area of interest (for example guides and presentations, participation in conferences, professional honours and recognition, current membership and participation in relevant professional associations)
  • , a 1- to 2-page reflective statement that describes your individual method of and exercise of effective teaching, learning, and engagement of scholars. Make sure to you differentiate between distance/online teaching and class teaching where appropriate.
  • A listing of courses (outside of your resumé) you've trained in the past six (6) years, that you assumed complete course responsibility, highly relevant to the program(s) you're using to train. Their list must range from the following:
  • course codes, course game titles, and dates/relation to course delivery
  • Source: ce-online.ryerson.ca
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