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January 24, 2016
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Become familiar with "iClicker" at Ryerson (Faculty Workshop Series)

The DMP and LTO invite you to definitely become familiar with iClicker, students response system, at Ryerson. Within this session, participants will know how iClicker works from students' and instructors' perspectives. Including: how students obtain clicker remote controls or mobile phone monthly subscriptions, what it is utilized in classes, and just how to handle the participation scores.

Creating Rubrics (TA/GA Workshop Series)

Intended Audience: All TA/GAs who're certifying student work
Certifying fairly and consistently is among the finest challenges for just about any TA/GA who accounts for certifying student work. Although some faculty will give you marking guides or rubrics with criteria to judge projects, sometimes these essential documents are absent. This workshop will give you TA/GAs using the abilities to build up an initial marking guide or rubric for approval by their faculty to assist all of them with their marking.

The Turned Class (Faculty Workshop Series)

The turned or inverted class is really a new type of combined learning in which the modes of instruction typically restricted to within the class now occur outdoors the class and the other way around. Within this model, learning and teaching are split into a double edged sword:
(i) Interactive group learning activities within the class
(ii) Direct computer-based individual instruction outdoors the class
This workshop enables faculty to talk about their encounters, and description the advantages and challenges of the new academic model.

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The Best Present - Ryerson University Submission
The Best Present - Ryerson University Submission
"My learning commons is" by Ryerson University Library
"My learning commons is..." by Ryerson University Library ...
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