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January 25, 2015
What Catholic Public Schools

LifeSiteNews) – A threatened exodus of 1000's of kids from Ontario’s openly funded schools this fall due to the Liberal government’s radical sex-erectile dysfunction agenda could tip the province into an academic crisis, alerts an experienced educator.

That’s departing aside current labor disputes that could hamstring the college system with rotating teacher strikes and work-to-rule actions.

“It wouldn’t come as a surprise whatsoever that we’ll maintain an emergency within our education system within the fall, ” states Serta Di Rocco, instruction consultant with Campaign Existence Coalition (CLC) and person in sex-erectile dysfunction opposition coalition Canadian Families Alliance.

“There are a myriad of unhappy people. Situations are not settled, ” the previous senior high school principal told LifeSiteNews. “All individuals fears that folks have, they haven’t vanished.Inches

Experts the questionable Liberal curriculum to become folded out this September within the province’s openly funded schools violates children’s innocence by pushing a morally offensive and physically harmful sexual agenda.

A CLC analysis documents the curriculum introduces problems with consent in Grade 1, homosexuality in Grade 3, masturbation in Grade 6, and dental and rectal sex in Grade 7. It recommends Grade 7 students to hold a condom, Grade 8 students to possess a sexual plan, and shows that you will find six genders instead of two biological sexes.

And because the London branch of oldsters Alliance of Ontario (PAO) mentioned within an email to LifeSiteNews: “All the questions requested by individuals parents all found the main one ultimately: ‘What’s going to take place to the children in Sept when the new sex-erectile dysfunction is marching directly into our school’s classes?’”

Many parents are choosing for which they see because the only possible solution.

“A lot have either enrolled their children within their religious institutions, or they’re leaving Ontario, or they’re tugging their children out for home schooling, ” confirmed Farina Siddiqui from the Coalition of Concerned Parents. “I for just one am doing exactly the same.Inches

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