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June 4, 2015
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Software Practicing Data Experts, Computer Developers &lifier Statisticians course in toronto

This SAS course series at Metro College of Technology concentrates on upgrading abilities for data experts using Record Analysis System (SAS) Software like a major tool within their daily data analysis. Students will get comprehensive SAS training to be able to get yourself a SAS certification.

SAS is really a computer software which supplies reliable and simple to use technology that transforms data into overflowing, cleaned and reliable information, such as the benefits of information warehouse, large-scale information systems, data excavation, record analysis, report and graph generation, and web site connection. 90 percent of Fortune 500 organizations are SAS customers.

SAS includes a unique programming step and language. Among the dynamic options that come with SAS is its programming language, simple to learn and it has pertinent syntax. Using the mixture of DATA STEP and PROC STEP syntax, SAS solves the issue of complex data locating, processing, analysis, expression and connection. SAS programming language is unlike other computer language it should never be outdated or obsolete. The reason behind this really is that SAS can alter its underlying language together with the computer’s languages while keeping a regular interface. Therefore, SAS programming training increases your experience without altering your understanding in computer language.

  • Basic principles of SAS Programming
  • Advanced SAS Programming
  • Record Modeling using SAS
  • Industrial/Business Project
  • Business Intelligence with SAP DW
  • SQL Programming
  • Access and VBA

Admission Needs

  • College education in information technology, mathematics, statistics, actuarial science, health care, medicine, public health, , pharmacy, science research, finance services, financial aspects, business
  • Experience in research, banking, insurance or accounting, health care, medicine and pharmaceutical industry
  • Fundamental computer-programming abilities
  • Passing an admission interview
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