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May 9, 2020
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Another Monday, another strike: that’s been the pattern during the last two days at Ontario public high schools, having a third strike possible next Monday.

But a few of the school boards facing work stoppages through the Ontario School Teachers’ Federation say it normally won't know why these were designated, which getting instructors to jobs are mostly from their hands.

“Our students as well as their people are caught inside a dispute that's really between your OSSTF and also the province, ” stated Doreen Dewar, the chair of Rainbow District School Board in Sudbury, where secondary instructors started striking Monday.

Within new collective negotiating process passed into law this past year, it's only have relatively small products to stay using the union local people, including job checks and dealing conditions. Questions with significant financial implications, including salaries and sophistication dimensions, are restricted to the “central” negotiating table, in which the union sits lower using the province and also the provincial association of faculty boards.

The union and college boards accuse one another of slowing down lower or abandoning local talks deliberately, using the union saying an especially sluggish pace occasionally forced it to strike. But each side also agree that, intentions aside, the neighborhood talks aren’t apt to be resolved before the central talks are.

“Those local strikes actually are about putting pressure around the local tables, ” stated Ontario School Teachers’ Federation leader Paul Elliott. “And I believe hopefully, maybe, if there’s something which happens in the central table that can help individuals along, I believe everyone advantages of that.”

The very first strike started at Durham schools on April 20, and also the third might be at Peel Regional School Board, the country’s second-greatest, by May 4. The union selected individuals three boards several weeks ago, together with four more that do not yet have set strike dates, in Waterloo, Ottawa, Thunder Bay and Halton District. Mr. Elliott named the seven in the union’s annual general meeting in Feb.

Ms. Dewar stated she read a transcript of his speech and saw Rainbow District’s title listed.

“I was trembling, ” she stated. “I can’t look for a rhyme or reason in why … I can’t visit a pattern of the seven were selected.”

Ms. Dewar stated she'd felt “extremely optimistic” about negotiating in Rainbow District, with four local settling periods in April. However the talks ended a couple of days in front of the strike date.

The leader of Rainbow’s union local, James Clyke, accused the board of getting involved in a mix-province strategy “to frustrate negotiating at local tables.”

The chair from the Peel Regional School Board, Jesse McDougald, stated Peel talks happen to be running smoothly, about 75 percent from the local issues already resolved. However, that won’t always avert a strike, she stated.

“Certainly we're feeling specific at this time, ” stated Ms. McDougald. “We actually need the central table to solve all individuals challenges before a nearby agreement could be completed.”

Inside a statement, Education Minister Liz Sandals stated the brand new negotiating process was passed after “extensive consultation” with boards and unions, which under its terms, local strikes shouldn’t be employed to put pressure around the central process.

“The act sets out a 2-tier negotiating procedure that clearly outlines that local strikes can happen over local issues and provincial strikes occur over central issues, ” she stated.

Mr. Elliott stated central talks are moving gradually. Each side are prepared to negotiate, but no talks are scheduled, partially since the province’s negotiating team can also be ending up in the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, which features its own strike date of May 10.

Unlike the OSSTF, the elementary teachers’ union has laid the footwork for any strike that may be provincewide or at any mixture of boards, stated ETFO leader Mike Hammond. The ETFO has started legally clearing the best way to strike over central discussions, passing on more options.

Source: www.theglobeandmail.com
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