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July 25, 2016
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15 October 2015 - Congratulations to Daniel Liadsky (MSA class 2014-2015) who had been granted the Ryerson Gold Medal, University's greatest honor, in the Fall Convocation Ceremony on March 15, 2015. This award is given to one student from each Faculty. Daniel was the only real student in the Faculty of Arts who had been selected with this highly competitive award. The award recognizes Daniel’s outstanding academic achievement and research in food geography using geographic and record techniques, coupled with his outstanding community and professional participation using the Canadian Urban Institute along with other community and non-profit organizations using GIS, geo-visualization and geo-computation approaches.

1 September 2015 – Thanks for visiting 21 new MSA students, visiting us from Carleton, Cornell, Lakehead, Laurentian, McGill, Queen’s, Toronto, Victoria, not to mention Ryerson undergraduate (and graduate) levels!

26 August 2015 – Project plans by MSA faculty people Dr. Claire Oswald, Dr. Richard Shaker, and Dr. Andrew Millward were funded by “RECODE at Ryerson University”, featuring our Department’s leadership in social innovation. Begin to see the RECODE initiative’s blog publish for particulars.

1 June 2015 – Five MSA students have fun playing the Canadian Association of Geographers’ conference in Vancouver beginning today: Christine Valancius, Alexis Robinson, Vadim Sabetski, Shannon Strelioff, and Kaylin Face. See Dr. Forsythe’s for particulars.

21 April 2015 – MSA students Daniel Liadsky, Vadim Sabetski, and Louise Hart present in the annual meeting from the Association of yankee Geographers in Chicago now, together with numerous MSA faculty people and many MSA alumni. See Dr. Rinner’s for particulars.

6 Feb 2015 – We're while upgrading the MSA publication list. Including three peer-examined, worldwide journal articles by Travis Tormala (MSA ‘10), Andrew Chung-Da Lee (MSA ‘11), and Kaira Carter (MSA ‘12) using their particular administrators, spanning subjects from geospatial use of healthcare to neighbourhood change and growth and development of novel decision support approaches to GIS.

12 The month of january 2015 – Now, 23 MSA students get their first day on their own practicum. The hosts of these valuable work positions include different models inside the metropolitan areas of Toronto and Vaughan, three provincial ministries, two conservation government bodies, a significant bank, a GIS developer along with a geospatial data vendor, a genuine-estate developer, an engineering working as a consultant, two hospitals, two business statistics firms, two police services, an investigation institute, along with a non-profit community group,

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