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May 2, 2017
London Secondary School Fraser

Wondering which schools in your town are the most useful? The Fraser Institute has launched their 2014 school ratings for that top quickest enhancing schools inside the province of Ontario.

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The 2014 report card on secondary schools in Ontario ranks 740 public, Catholic, along with a couple of private secondary schools based seven academic indications using data from annual tests of literacy and math taken over the province. Ontario’s Education Quality and Accountability Office handles the standardized tests.

The Fraser Institute demands, “Every school is capable of doing improvement, no matter its geographic or socioeconomic challenges.” And they've the ratings to demonstrate it. The report also states “Of the 20 Ontario secondary schools showing the quickest academic improvement in the last 5 years, 10 are public schools in which the parental earnings is substandard. At four of individuals schools, special needs students account in excess of 20 percent of faculty enrollment.”

One of the top ten quickest enhancing schools, three seem to be in Toronto. They include St. Patrick Catholic, which rose from the rating of three.7 from 10 in '09 to some 6.2 in 2013, despite a typical parental earnings of $43, 200 the cheapest among the schools within the top.

“A school like St. Patrick counters all of the expectations about student performance. It features a relatively low parental earnings, along with a relatively high number of ESL and special needs students. Yet it’s among the quickest-enhancing schools within the Report Card and it is overall rating now surpasses the all-schools average, ” stated Peter Cowley, Fraser Institute director of faculty performance studies.

The entire listing of the very best ten quickest enhancing schools in Ontario is the following:

  • Saint-François-Xavier, French-Catholic, Sarnia
  • Le Sommet, French-Public, Hawkesbury
  • St. Mary’s, British-Catholic, Toronto
  • La Salle, British-Public, Kingston
  • Bloor, British-Public, Toronto
  • Monseigneur-Bruyère, French-Catholic, London
  • Nouvelle-Alliance, French-Catholic, Barrie
  • L’Héritage, French-Public, Cornwall
  • Gabriel-Dumont, French-Public, London
  • St. Patrick, British-Catholic, Toronto

On the bigger scale, one of the 740 rated schools within this year’s Report Card, 69 schools enhanced their performance from the year before.

The Very Best 10 Greatest Rated Secondary Schools in Ontario

  1. St. Michael’s Choir (Sr) (Toronto) – 9.9 (2012-2013), 9.1 (last five years)
  2. Unionville (Toronto) – 9.5, 9.
  3. London Central (London) – 9.4, 9.4
  4. AFNORTH Worldwide (Brunssum) – 9.4, N/A
  5. Marc-Garneau (Trenton) – 9.4, N/A
  6. Bayview (Richmond Hill) – 9.2, 9.2
  7. St. Therese of Lisieux (Richmond Hill) – 9.2, 8.8
  8. Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Markham) – 9.1, 9.2
  9. Colonel By (Gloucester) – 9.1, 9.
  10. P La Salle – 9.1, 7.6

Parents can click on Fraser Institute online to be able to compare their school’s academics along with other schools in Ontario. Furthermore, they are able to appraise the schools past performance within the previous five years highlighting regions of improvement and decline.

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