Academic Credentials Assessment Service

October 11, 2022
Manitoba Labour and
Qualifications Evaluation Service Academic Report Application Report for individuals who're educated outdoors the U . s . States going after further education in U.S. institutions of greater learning $385.00 Expedited Service Faster review process - after application submission and receipt of documents $275.00 Reprocess application Additional 12 several weeks processing time when all needs haven't been met (just one reprocess application recognized after initial application expires) $150.00 Re-evaluation Report ready for yet another good recipient after initial continues to be released $250.00 Additional report readers (each) Report delivered to additional readers, additionally towards the one already incorporated, during the time of application $100.00 British language proficiency report (each) Report for individuals using to condition boards of nursing that need an British proficiency are accountable to be incorporated $85.00 Additional academic credential evaluation (each) Additional academic qualifications examined, additionally towards the two academic qualifications already incorporated within the CES application fee $75.00 Duplicate report for applicant (each) An unofficial copy of the report mailed for them
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