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February 13, 2021
Teacher education”?

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Our Graduate Program Paths to Being a Teacher
The College of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education is phasing out its Bachelor of your practice and Diploma programs in teacher education and it is just as one all-graduate institute training, learning and research.

Continuing to move forward, teacher education is going to be offered through Masters-level programs. Our Master training and MA in Child Study and Teaching programs provide the unique chance to earn both a graduate degree and also to be qualified for teaching certification in Ontario. We invite you to definitely uncover these teacher teaching programs.

OISE Viewbook

OISE Viewbook (pdf) - introducing our programs

"I'm an OISE Teacher"

Watch our Master training alumni inspire.

Kara Dymond, Master training

Work Hours

Regular Hrs:
9:00 - 4:45 Mon-Comes to an end

Summer time Hrs
(This summer 1 - Work Day):
9:00 - 4:15 Mon-Comes to an end


fourth Floor

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

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Rap of an OISE Teacher
Rap of an OISE Teacher
Rant of an OISE Teacher
Rant of an OISE Teacher
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