What is the Ministry of Education?

January 15, 2016
JFLL to Roll Out High School

The Secretary of state for Education (MoE) may be the government entity accountable for the management and administration of public education in Jamaica. The Secretary of state for Education was initially established in 1953, because the Secretary of state for Education and Social Welfare. Presently, the MoE performs the federal government of Jamaica’s mandate of making certain a method which obtains quality education and training of people of Jamaica to be able to optimise individual and national development. The MoE offers the avenue for enrichment and upward mobility in our people though education. The organisation is among Jamaica’s biggest public organizations and it is composed presently of 11 agencies, six Regional Offices, along with a central office with roughly 40 models which come under 5 divisions. These unite to supply the framework for that efficient functioning well over 1Thousand public educational facilities that serves over 100Thousand students and also over 20Thousand instructors. The Secretary of state for Education can also be accountable for two public colleges and many community, multidisciplinary and teachers’ schools. Core Roles and processes The Ministry’s role of effectively controlling the training product is accomplished with the execution of functions completed by its divisions and agencies. Of these functions are:

  • Planning, developing, and applying educational guidelines and programmes
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of in your area and worldwide funded projects and programmes
  • Maintaining a competent system of collecting, collating, examining and showing current and accurate data on quantifiable educational indications to satisfy local demand and worldwide standards
  • Developing and supporting programmes, services and activities targeted towards personal and national development
  • Supplying guidance in financial management for those educational facilities and affiliated agencies.

Mission Statement To supply proper leadership and policy direction for quality education for those Jamaicans to maximise their potential, lead to national development and compete effectively within the global economy. Vision Statement A person-centred, performance oriented education system creating globally competitive, socially conscious Jamaican people. The Nation's Shared Vision Each student will maximize his/her potential within an enriching student centred education atmosphere with maximum utilization of learning technologies based on committed qualified competent effective and professional teachers and staff. The training system will equitable and accessible with full attendance to Grade 11. Accountability, transparency and gratifaction would be the key points of system that's excellent, self keeping, resourced and welcomes full stakeholder participation. Every Child Can Learn…Every Child Must Learn.

Good Reputation For THE MoE (TIMELINE)


  • The Kandel Report was released which layed out the difficulties facing the secondary education system and methods because of its improvement. A ministerial system was not developed, but discussions were going ahead because of its establishment


  • Honourable Jehoida Augustus McPherson was hired the very first Minister of your practice (1945-1949). He seemed to be the very first Minister of Work (1953-1955) within the Bustamante brought Jamaica Work Party (JLP) administration


  • A Nationwide Arrange for Jamaica was brought to reform the training system. This incorporated universal primary education for kids between your age range of seven-11. The Program also incorporated the development of Secondary education and giving scholarship grants to persons thinking about teaching, to pursue levels and degrees and diplomas in Education


  • The College College from the West Indies started like a college from the College based in london, United kingdom. It had been granted college status in 1962


  • Central Education Authority created execute the functions from the School Commission and also the Board of your practice. This permitted education to become handled inside a natural manner under one body. Honourable Frederick Zachariah Malcolm hired as Minister of your practice


  • A Secretary of state for Education and Social Welfare was formally established in June. Honourable Edwin Leopold Allen hired because the Minister of your practice


  • Dr. Ivan Lloyd hired as Minister of your practice


  • The Training Advisory Council – a legal body changed the Central Education Authority. The Director of your practice grew to become the main Education Officer. Functions formerly carried out through the Authority were later absorbed through the Minister of your practice


  • The Most Popular Entrance Examination was introduced
  • Honourable Florizel Augustus Glasspole was hired Minister of your practice


  • Legislation was passed for that Serve dominate the responsibilities of your practice formerly carried out through the Governor. This permitted the Serve take full responsibility for education by 1957. Throughout that year a lasting Secretary as well as an Assistant Chief Education Officer were hired.


  • The Jamaica Institute of Technology started. It had been later re-named College of Arts, Science (CAST). It had been granted college status in 1995 and re-named College of Technology, Jamaica
  • The term ‘primary’ was replaced for elementary
  • Caledonia Junior College started underneath the Emergency Teacher Training Plan to deal with the lack of trained instructors


  • The 70:30 system was brought to provide more spaces in public places high schools for college students originating from primary level schools, as the majority of the scholars who have been granted spaces during these schools were from basic schools


  • A 5-Year Independence Plan was introduced. The program suggested the establishment of comprehensive high schools. Two pilot schools were established according to this proposal: Trench Town and Frankfield Comprehensive Schools.


  • The Training Act, the very first publish-independence legislation which layed out the legal and operational facets of the training system was introduced.
  • The Institute Board for Teacher Training, a legal body started to approve instructors within the Bahamas, Belize and Jamaica, following a contract using these nations. It had been later re-named the Joint Board of Teacher Education (JBTE).


  • The Brand New Deal for Education was brought to provide school space for each child in the primary level. Forty (40) primary schools with accommodation for 16, 800 students were produced.
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Source: www.moe.gov.jm
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Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education
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