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August 6, 2017
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About us

We are among the biggest and earliest graduate programs in Adult Education on the planet, so we enjoy an worldwide status for the critical and interdisciplinary method of the area.

Deeply dedicated to social justice and activism, the Adult Education and Community Development Program concentrates on learning that occurs individually and with each other among grown ups in towns, places of work, social actions, the road, and also the virtual world ­ anywhere where individuals get together to produce telecomutting saves gas.

This Program has four academic streams: community development, place of work learning, Aboriginal education and global education. Our graduates use beginners, youth, women's groups, LGBTQ agencies, organized work, racialized people, and disenfranchised towns in positions which involve community engagement and education, policy development, leadership, mentorship, and business development. Within the AECD Program, we encourage Indigenous, Marxist, feminist, anti-racist, environmentalist, anarchist, arts-based, along with other critical perspectives.

AECD provides the following degree programs: Mediterranean, MA, PhD.
To learn more please visit links below:

* AECD courses start with LHA11** and LHA31**

Source: www.oise.utoronto.ca
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MAD】幽遊白書『J.u.s.t A.w.a.k.e』
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