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September 1, 2021
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Education Canada Network offers various kinds of services from job posting packages to annual subscriptions to banner and email advertising possibilities.

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Education Canada Network has totally changed our recruitment process and virtually changed our newspaper advertising campaign. The resume search function is a vital element of our positive worker identification program. The web page and employer information features provide prospective employees with unrestricted use of info on the Frontier School Division and it has led to elevated visitors to our website. Our accessibility worldwide professional labor force has elevated. Our prospecting efforts took on the national and worldwide focus with achievement. Thanks ECN.

Frontier School Division No. 48, Megabytes

The Training Canada Network provides excellent services to First Nations Education Government bodies. Getting offered because the Director of your practice in three such government bodies, I've discovered the service provides direct links to quality teachers and education support across Canada. Previous ads in local papers demonstrated costly, arrived at an infinitely more limited cliental, and came far less reactions. Further, the opportunity to have the ability to peruse resumes to fill emergency positions in the center of the entire year has demonstrated invaluable. Useful a great resource for connecting companies and employees and First Nations children happen to be the beneficiary.

Nelson House Education Authority

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  • Broadened exposure for job posting as the advertisements won't go on Education Canada Network's website but additionally 9 other leading job boards and education organizations including, Simply-Hired, Wow Jobs and
  • Track and examine candidates who've put on your marketed job posts.
  • Easily see the qualifications of candidates who've indicated they are curious about dealing with your business.
  • Client Service Reps to help you in job posting and marketing your employment possibilities.
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  • Instantly receive resumes from new candidates.
  • Effectively manage candidates who affect your jobs.
  • Filter candidates according to your organization's specific needs for highly qualified candidates in addition to by location.
  • Personalized employer profile and native links directory to advertise your school and community as an excellent place to operate and live.
  • Easily request prospective candidates to learn more via our ECN's online Message Center.
  • An growing network of close ties with federal/provincial education and teacher organizations.
  • Lower your prospecting costs and improve the potency of finding and employing personnel.
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