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May 15, 2019
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Arrowsmith School is really a independently possessed co-educational and non-denominational day school that's devoted to helping students with specific learning difficulties.
The Arrowsmith Program of cognitive exercises was initially provided to students with learning difficulties in 1978 and Arrowsmith School started in 1980. Arrowsmith School has operated continuously in Toronto since that time and today occupies the 2 structures so it is the owner of on St. Clair Avenue West in mid-town Toronto.

Students who arrived at Arrowsmith School happen to be battling in class - many are just beginning their schooling however their experience has proven a design of learning problems. Others happen to be finding school challenging for a long time.

Each new student is evaluated at Arrowsmith School to ensure that we might identify their individual learning profile after which design a course of cognitive exercises for your student. Details about the assessment process might be located on the Assessment page in our site.

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Our program continues to be of great benefit for college students getting complications with reading through, writing and mathematics, comprehension, logical reasoning, problem fixing, visual and auditory memory, non-verbal learning, attention, processing speed and dyslexia. For an introduction to the greater common problems addressed please read our Chart of Learning Final results.

Our goal is perfect for our students to get effective, confident and self-directed students for existence and in order to achieve their set goals of educational and career success.

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