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August 30, 2022
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The Toronto District School Board shouldn’t change its lice policy and permit youngsters with the small bugs within their hair arrive at class, a lice removal expert states.

Without correct follow-up and screening, it'll just let the spread of lice, NitWit owner Shawnda Master told the Toronto Sun.

“I take a look at lice 7 days per week. I possibly could not try looking in a child’s hair for ten minutes and guarantee there wasn’t an insect there, ” she stated. “So, who’s likely to be doing the correct screening?”

The board is looking at its policy after Toronto Public Health lately told it there isn’t any medical need to keep children from class should they have lice. The unit’s stance transformed due to a suggestion in the Canadian Paediatric Society.

“We might be the training experts, but we’re not the medical professionals about this, ” board spokesperson Ryan Bird stated. “Really, we must depend around the best medical health advice.Inches

He stated the board doesn't have timeline for that review.

“Obviously, we would like students at school which are more period of time possible, ” he stated. “It can be challenging for that student when you are excluded from class, in some instances, days at any given time.Inches

He stated the brand new policy may also include measures to handle the stigma of lice.

“When it involves lice, the truth is, it isn't suggestive of not because you have lice, ” he stated. “It’s not whether it’s lifestyle or hygiene or anything like this. It’s according to, you arrived to connection with somebody that had lice.”

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