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January 26, 2016
TDSB names 60 schools in

The Toronto District School Board on Wednesday evening launched a listing of 60 public schools in nine different communities that'll be a part of overview of its under-used spaces.

As much as nine schools โ€” including Vaughan Road Academy, Downsview School, Fairbank Public School and Keelesdale Junior. Public School โ€” may ultimately be closed, board authorities stated. The entire list seems below.

Trustees, parents and community groups will conduct reviews of every location โ€” evaluating population, enrolment and utilization. Review might take as lengthy as 2 yrs.

Any schools which are closed may have their professional services consolidated with individuals of some other TDSB location nearby.

The board met Wednesday evening to examine the progress made up to now on creating a intend to implement 13 directives passed down through the province recently.

One of the orders from Education Minister Liz Sandals would be a directive to lessen the quantity of underutilized space overseen through the board.

News from the possible closures has stoked fierce debate among board people, parents along with other stakeholders. Experts from the plan reason that closing under-used schools does not recognize the function of colleges as community modems and places where a number of social services are supplied by various amounts of government.

Similarly, many schools which are presently underutilized, which through the province's definition ensures they operate at below 65 percent capacity, will probably fill in in the future as communities develop around them.

Within an interview on CBC's Metro Morning, Sandals stated she is not always thinking about being handed a listing of colleges looking for closure through the board.

"What we are really searching for is they possess a better plan compared to what they have now to manage their capital assets, " she told host Matt Galloway.

"I wish to visit a plan where money that's presently winding up getting used for underutilized space maintenance dates back into programming for children.Inch

"I do not think anybody's saying you won't ever close a college, however i think what we should say is let us simply not treat this like a mere financial transaction. These schools really are a central a part of healthy towns, " he stated yesterday.

Some TDSB trustees happen to be critical from the timeline passed down by Sandals, that has stated the board must present an agenda to her office by February. 13.

"The timelines are extremely uncommon and i believe irresponsible, " stated Ward 5 trustee Howard Kaplan.

But Sandals, herself a college board trustee in Guelph before relocating to provincial politics, states that simply since the board "disposes" of the school does not mean it'll go unused through the community. She highlights that within the situation the board moves to shut a college, the 3 other school systems in Toronto have first dibs around the space.

"I hear a myriad of complaints in the other three school systems in Toronto that actually they would like to acquire a few of the underutilized schools that TDSB has, " she stated.

"So the truth that TSDB does not require the school any longer does not imply that the area will not be utilized for a college.Inch

Under-used, under review

The Toronto District School Board on Wednesday launched a listing of 60 schools which is a part of overview of its under-used spaces. As much as nine schools may ultimately close. The colleges are:

1. Nelson Boyen CI
2. Downsview SS
3. Weston CI

4. Mister Robert Borden BTI
5. West Hill CI
6. Mister Wilfrid Laurier CI

7. CH Best MS
8. Wilmington ES

9. Vaughan Road Academy
10. You are able to Memorial CI
11. Oakwood CI
12. John Polanyi CI
13. Forest Hill CI
14. George Harvey CI

15. John Buchan Sr. PS
16. Highland Heighs Junior. PS
17. Tam O'Shanter Junior. PS
18. Inglewood Levels Junior. PS
19. Lynngate Junior. PS
20. Pauline Manley Junior. PS
21. Timberbank Junior. PS

22. Kensington Junior. PS
23. Ryerson CS
24. King Edward Junior. &lifier Sr. PS
25. The almighty Lansdowne Junior &lifier Sr. PS

26. Gracefield PS
27. Amesbury MS

28. Galloway Road PS
29. St. Margaret's PS

30. Manhattan Park Junior. PS
31. Buchanan PS

32. Rockliffe MS
33. Cordella Junior. PS
34. Harwood PS
35. George Syme CS
36. Roselands Junior. PS
37. Lambton Park CS
38. Dennis Avenue CS

39. Braeburn Junior. PS
40. The Elms JMS
41. Boy's Leadership Academy

42. Keelesdale Junior. PS
43. Silverthorn PS

44. Fairbank Memorial Junior. PS
45. General Mercer Junior. PS
46. FH Burns Junior. PS
47. Fairbank PS

48. Montrose Junior. PS
49. Clinton Junior. PS
50. Dewson Junior. PS

51. Jack Miner Sr. PS
52. Poplar Road Junior. PS
53. Guildwood Junior. PS
54. Elizabeth Simcoe Junior. PS

55. Bendale Junior. PS
56. North Bendale Junior. PS

57. Henry Hudson Sr. PS

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