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March 25, 2021
Toronto s Catholic school

And send it to the school for application to TDChristian as quickly as possible. We anticipate talking with you!

For those who have questions regarding our online admissions application, the

A. Qualifications

1. Enrolment in Toronto District Christian Senior High School is available to kids of Christian parents and/or parents, susceptible to methods and types of conditions specified herein.

2. Other programs of enrolment will be susceptible to approval through the Board of Trustees.

B. Methods of Enrolment

1. All of the application and statement forms will be completed and posted through the parents or parents, along with the appropriate costs and then any additional information asked for within the forms.

An administration fee of $300 is due by families seeking enrolment of the child who isn't presently attending an authorized independent Christian school.

Two deposit cheques of $500 each, one dated April 1 and the second dated June 1, shall accompany all programs received before April 1. For programs received after April 1 before June 1, the very first cheque will be dated the date from the application and also the second cheque will be dated June 1. Programs received after June 1 will be supported with a single cheque in the quantity of $1000, to become dated the date of application. These cheques are cashable and non-refundable upon initial admission approval by TDChristian Senior High School. If TDChristian Senior High School receives, later on before the beginning of the college session, specifics of the applying which necessitates a conference with your family to explain anticipation, the deposit is going to be returned when (a) TDChristian Senior High School decides to terminate enrolment or (b) the household signifies on paper, within 1 week from the meeting, their intent to withdraw their application.

2. A job interview using the Admissions Council* is going to be arranged for those families enrolling a young child the very first time. With the exception of installments of single-parent or single-protector families, both mom and dad or parents and also the child(ren) seeking enrolment ought to be present at any interview. Brothers and sisters in Grade six or seven are urged to go to too.

*Admissions Council includes two staff including either the main or even the Vice-Principal of Admissions/Students or both.

3. Families using to sign-up a young child shall receive written notification from the child’s admission status by March 15 for those programs received by Feb 1. Whether written notification is received through the family, the cashing from the deposit cheque by TDChristian Senior High School signifies conditional acceptance from the application.

C. Conditions of Enrolment

1. Enrolment for those students is susceptible to the determination and acceptance of the course positioning as directed through the Principal.

2. Each parentOrparents agree to obtain their children take part in and attend all compulsory courses and devotional activities (as layed out through the Board of Trustees).

3. Each parentOrparents and students must sign the claims of support and commitment located on the back from the Student Admission Application.

4. Where a job interview is asked for by TDChristian Senior High School, both mom and dadOrparents and also the student to whom enrolment is searched for are required to go to.

5. Enrolment is conditional upon the effective completing the student’s current program of studies in addition to behavior that's in complete agreement using the signed statement of commitment. TDChristian Senior High School has the authority to obtain references and keep conditional acceptance within a student’s duration of enrolment.

6. The Board of Trustees reserves the authority to refuse admission or re-enrolment of the student without giving cause.

7. Admittance to TDChristian Senior High School does not necessarily mean a just right the transportation product is guaranteed. Students will be presented a chair around the bus according to the priority list. The schooling rates are not impacted by whether a chair can be obtained.

D. Priority of Enrolment

Students are thought for enrolment within the following order of priority:

1. Kids of parents who presently have children in TDChristian Senior High School and register before Feb 1.

2. Children presently signed up for approved Christian independent schools who register before Feb 1, rated by period of time in Christian school. Families having a previous connection to a Christian school could be rated according to period of time involved.

3. Christian home schoolers, according to date of application.

4. Other Christian families/students, according to date of application.

5. Visa students from Christian families, according to date of application.

6. Programs where there's no obvious Christian commitment. These students are accepted only with a decision from the Board of Trustees.

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