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December 16, 2016
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Harbord was opened up in 1892 as Harbord Street Collegiate Institute.

Harbord's first centennial[edit]

The school opened up in 1892. Harbord's first centennial was celebrated in 1992 and incorporated the inauguration from the Harbord museum, a repository of Harbord memorabilia. To mark the big event, Harbord's alumni group, the Harbord Club, released a 300-page good reputation for the college titled The Happy Ghosts of Harbord, which traces a brief history from the school from the opening in 1892 to 1992.

Remembrance Day 2005[edit]

On November 11, 2005, a Remembrance Day ceremony happened at Harbord. Using the donations in the W. Garfield Weston Foundation and lots of other corporate sponsors and people, the rededication from the 1921 The First World War monument to its original splendor occured. Online resources ceremony was Syd Moscoe while addresses received by Leader of George Weston Ltd. Galen Weston, former Minister of Defence Barney Danson, Canadian Military Chief of Land Staff Lieutenant-General Marc Caron, and Chairperson from the TDSB Sheila Ward. Harbord's Jazz Band performed a bit compiled by band teacher Mr. Alberts, known as On Remembrance Day. The Cantemus Choir also carried out and poems compiled by students Kevin Tung and Michael Lee were read. The ceremony ended having a picture which was taken from the students, instructors, alumni and neighbours while watching school.

In May 2007, another monument produced to keep in mind The Second World War was revealed in another ceremony.

Harbord Club[edit]

The Harbord Club has 2600 people. It had been established in 1978 by Elsie Affleck, who introduced along other alumni including Ken Prentice, Willie Zimmerman, Johnny Wayne, Max Goldhar and Julius Molinaro.

The Harbordite, founded in 1979, may be the Harbord Club e-newsletter that keeps former students from the school in touch with each other or more-to-date on Harbord activities. The Harbord Charitable Foundation seemed to be produced at this time around, supporting both student scholarship grants and alumni activities. The Company directors from the Harbord Club are the following: Syd Moscoe, Ben Lee, Sid Ingham, Belinda Medeiros-Felix, Vasan Persad, Diana Dasilva and Sierra Medeiros-Felix.

Notable alumni[edit]

Comedy duo Wayne and Shuster both met as students at Harbord


In the 20's towards the nineteen fifties, about 90% from the student body was Jewish. Today, a student body largely includes students of Chinese and Portuguese descent, that is associated with the nearby communities. Most of the clubs at Harbord are reflective from the ethnic groups present. The Harbord language program offers courses in Cantonese, Mandarin, The spanish language, Latin, French, Portuguese and German.

Harbord has three French programs: Immersion, Extended and Core French. These classes offer students an chance to get bilingual in Canada's official languages. There's a French Club within Harbord.

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