Toronto School District boundaries

September 26, 2020
By school district came

We’re pleased to express our custom interactive maps of Toronto elementary and secondary schools. You’ll find Toronto school names and locations integrated with Fraser Institute scores and rank information in addition to links to individual school websites. Wondering in which the best schools have been in Toronto? Your search is over.

Please be aware that while we’ve made every effort to guarantee the precision from the data, you need to confirm any pertinent particulars using the schools directly. It is also worth noting that Toronto has recognized school catchment areas and assigns schools according to street address. Many schools don't have optional enrolment (and therefore you do not have an option regarding which public school your son or daughter attends). Searching schools designated for the street by going to the Toronto District School Board’s website here: Toronto District School Board.

Exactly what the Fraser Institute Data Means:

Fraser Institute Score – individual school score from 10 – click to discover the college Report Card
Fraser Institute Rank – the way the school ranks in comparison to Toronto’s 2, 714 other schools

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