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June 27, 2017
Toronto-born York Wilson

This Might, we'll run our first 200-hour teacher learning Toronto! To celebrate, we're supplying a 50% discount for those current 200-hour licensed instructors to search into YYoga's methodology. YYoga Teachers' College is really a thorough, scientific and progressive teacher training course that produces an ideal foundation for any professional yoga teacher. At YYoga, we try to build the building blocks in our instructors, from your students! With a focus on anatomy and sequencing, YYoga Teachers' College produces safe, effective instructors through smartly structured curriculum that's organized for optimum engagement. Students are challenged to construct upon their own talents and discover their individual voice like a teacher. Rachel Scott - YYoga's Director of Teachers’ College - is going to be joining track of veteran Toronto instructor Lisa Messina to provide the YYoga curriculum the very first time out East.

YYoga's 200-Hour offering in Toronto is structured as 3 intensive modules spanning 8 days over three several weeks. Modules could be taken individually, but the 3 are needed for graduation. Enjoy an immersive program that may be easily structured around a present career! Working out will occur at our beautiful center at 333 Full Street West. Email teacherscollege@yyoga.ca to learn more, or apply here by completing this type.

What exactly may be the YYoga curriculum anyway?

YYoga’s 200-hour teacher training curriculum gives you the robust foundation that people feel is important for those YYoga instructors. Become familiar with to sequence smartly and securely, gain specific tools for cuing clearly and completely, in addition to earn a depth of understanding in applied anatomy and human variation. Philosophical studies have an in-depth and private analysis from the yoga sutras and also the good reputation for yoga.

What sets the YYoga curriculum apart?

Not just may be the 200 Hour teacher training wealthy in content and knowledge, however the actual structure from the course is student focused to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of your chance to learn. In the end, it isn't just what you learn, but exactly how you discover helps make the difference! You'll build upon your personal abilities within an atmosphere that's encouraging, fun, community building, and interactive. Every day is artfully and particularly crafted to aid your changing process like a yoga teacher. This training is ideal for ambitious instructors, in addition to current instructors searching to get experienced within the YYoga methodology.

The long run

As YYoga grows, we're excited to carry on growing a residential area of wonderful instructors who've the robust expertise they have to express their own voice and fervour effectively. Join YYoga this might for the inaugural 200-hour - and join the household!

Source: www.yyoga.ca
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