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September 27, 2016
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Pilotis (support beams) and modernist mural,
south look at primary entrance.

The Gustavo Capanema Structure (in Portuguese, Palácio Gustavo Capanema), sometimes known architecturally because the Secretary of state for Education and Health Building, is really a government business building within the Centro district of Rio p Janeiro, South america.


It is among the finest good examples of Brazilian nineteen thirties modernist architecture, developed in 1935 and 1936.. It had been created by a group made up of Lucio Costa (future designer of the program of Brazil's modernist capital Brasília), together with Affonso Eduardo Reidy, Ernani Vasconcellos, Carlos Leão, Jorge Machado Moreira, and Roberto Burle Marx. Oscar Niemeyer, who grew to become Brazil's best-known architect later, were built with a role being an intern in Costa's office. The audience asked famous Swiss-French Modernist architect Le Corbusier to supervise the work. Construction was begun through the Getúlio Vargas government in 1939 and it was carried out 1943, to accommodate Brazil's new Secretary of state for Education and Health.

In 1960 the nation's capital gone to live in Brasília, and also the building grew to become a regional Rio office for that ministry. The Secretary of state for Education and Health has since been split into three: the Secretary of state for Secretary of state for Education, Secretary of state for Health, and also the Secretary of state for Culture, all within the building to the current day.


Your building is known as after author and educator Gustavo Capanema, who had been the very first Minister of your practice of South america. It's situated at Rua da Imprensa, 16, within the downtown Rio section of Castelo. Delighted using the form of Guanabara Bay, Corbusier recommended the building ought to be situated near the ocean, rather than with an inner downtown street, however the government rejected.

The work was very bold for that time. It had been the very first modernist public building within the Americas, as well as on a significantly bigger scale than anything Le Corbusier had built for now. Modernism being an aesthetic movement were built with a great impact in South america, and also the building—which located work billed with creating Brazilian formal culture—included various aspects of the movement. Additionally, it employed local techniques and materials, for example, blue and whitened glazed tiles from the Portuguese Colonial tradition, in modern wall wall art.

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Ministry of Education Health Promotion team (HFLE ...
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