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January 4, 2015

Thanks for visiting Central Toronto Academy’s (CTA) new academic year 2015-16. The college continues to be going through a thrilling procedure for change and renewal. Formerly referred to as Central Commerce Collegiate, (a location by having an amazing good reputation for over a century), our community thinks our new title, Central Toronto Academy, precisely reflects the brand new direction by which our school is moving. Selecting a college for the boy/ daughter(s) is an extremely important decision. Hopefully the info on our website is going to be useful for you in identifying whether CTA is the greatest fit for the family. Please review our mission, vision and collective obligations, in addition to our entire website that will help you choose to. We encourage you to definitely contact our Guidance office and also to schedule a trip to our school we would like to setup a meeting personally.

CTA is really a special place – something will feel the moment you walk-through the leading door in our building in which you see student artwork along with other shows telling you about various achievements in our students.

The college comes with an intimate atmosphere where wonderful associations develop across grade levels and among all people in our community. Within the last academic year 2013/14 year, we grew to become the house for that grade 7 and eight Horizon Alternative program, which I'm also principal. In the last year, we've labored very difficult to bridge the 2 programs consequently, we've produced a detailed-knit community, comprised of students (grades 7 – 12), parents, faculty, staff and alumni who share exactly the same values and vision.

At CTA we're dedicated to developing twenty-first century students who lead inside a socially responsible and innovative method to the worldwide community. Each student is urged and supported to attain his/her greatest individual potential – academically, personally and physically – and also to develop confidence and leadership abilities.

While you search through our website, additionally, you will uncover our students experience an enjoyable experience and interesting activities, not just throughout class time, but additionally through numerous co-curricular activities! We provide many possibilities from sporting occasions, to theatre arts, to ‘block party’ occasions.

Most importantly, we encourage you to definitely request questions. Come across and check us out. We anticipate meeting you and also welcoming your loved ones towards the Central Toronto Academy.

Most warm regards,

Iwona Kurman

School Mission

Educating your brain without educating the center isn't any education whatsoever. -Aristotle

Our mission describes our school's purpose. Our vision represents our preferred future. The concepts required to achieve our mission and vision are articulated within our values. Finally, those things we have to show make our mission, vision and values a real possibility are referred to within our collective obligations. We've developed these claims together with our staff, students and families. They are members of our School Success Plan.


Central Toronto Academy (CTA) is dedicated to developing twenty-first century students who lead inside a socially responsible and innovative method to the worldwide community.

Our School

Central Toronto Academy (CTA) is really a diverse learning community that encourages mutual respect among students and staff built on empathy and equity. Our vision would be to empower students to achieve their full potential via a encouraging and caring atmosphere, overflowing programming and excellence in academics. We're a culturally responsive and eco aware school, embedding leadership in social justice, and global citizenship.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence - Our students are ready for publish-secondary education and the field of sort out overflowing programming according to high anticipation along with a foundation in leadership. We concentrate on inquiry, creativeness and student-centred learning.

Experiential Learning - Our students are involved in learning encounters past the class, through close ties with the local people and publish-secondary institutions. This gives possibilities for community-building, volunteerism, independence and leadership.

Innovation and Creativeness - Our students are urged to get independent thinkers who think significantly about issues and therefore are outfitted using the technological abilities that ready them for that quickly altering twenty-first century.

Respect and Responsibility – Our students learn within the greater context of developing strength of character, which fosters honesty, integrity and empathy.

Collective Obligations

Staff Obligations
  • to operate collaboratively in teams to attain student success at each level
  • to build up training methods and assessment tasks that contain creative and demanding thinking
  • to become positive, open and available to students and fogeys in solving problems with worry about students' progress
  • to respect and react to the person needs and learning types of students
  • to promote a proper body and mind among students and staff
Student Obligations
  • attend and become promptly for those scheduled classes
  • complete all course act as designated by our instructors
  • treat staff and fellow students based
  • speak with our parents regularly by what we're learning in school
Parent/Protector Obligations
  • provide quiet and correctly outfitted space in your own home for the children to complete their homework *
  • communicate our concerns and questions to instructors
  • find out about what's expected within our children's classes
  • attend school information periods and parent-teacher conferences
  • lead expertise and understanding
*Students with necessity or challenges associated with their encounters at Central Toronto Academy are urged to speak issues because they arise. Our employees are dedicated to dealing with families under strict discretion to be able to ensure excellence, equity, diversity and human privileges.

The Premier visits CTA!

Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Sandals visited CTA to create a comment in regards to a new pilot program made to help youthful people identify and work at their future goals.

College of Waterloo Euclid Mathematics Contest

The annual College of Waterloo Euclid Mathematics Contest is really a challenging and highly regarded as group of issues that seeks to challenge probably the most adept senior level mathematics students from around the globe. Succeeding at even a number of the issues within the 10 question contest is regarded as like a significant accomplishment.

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