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September 1, 2015
Of Toronto s Comparative

studentsThe leading desk in the College of Toronto’s Comparative Education Service (CES) sees a few of the city’s most educated people: an Iranian engineering graduate searching to get licensed like a professional engineer a Nigerian biochemist trying to find operate in her area a united states professor immigrating to Canada a psychiatrist from India with four levels a cardiothoracic surgeon from China having a medical degree.

Even though varying in professions and residential nations, exactly what the different and worldwide clients of CES share is definitely an ambition and determination to begin anew in Canada using the academic training accomplished home. CES has shown to be an excellent place to begin that journey because it opened up its doorways in 1967 to supply worldwide educated people with credential assessment services.

CES, which is part of the College of Toronto’s School of Ongoing Studies, analyzes foreign academic qualifications for Canadian equivalency, supplying document-by-document checks of non-Canadian academic qualifications for that reasons of employment, further education, professional licensure, immigration or, simply, general information. In a nutshell, an exam report from CES will evaluate and assess your academic documents from abroad and associate these qualifications to comparable educational programs in Canada.

Advantages of getting qualifications evaluated

To have an worldwide professional, an instructional credential assessment report could be advantageous for several reasons. It's used by lots of companies, professional organizations, publish-secondary institutions and professional associations to look for the Canadian equivalence of the academic training out of your home country. It's needed of principal candidates using for immigration to Canada like a skilled worker to demonstrate their foreign academic qualifications have Canadian equivalency.

“CES is exclusive [among credential assessment services] for the reason that it belongs to the College of Toronto, Canada’s top-rated college, also is consistently one of the top 20 colleges worldwide, ” describes Phil Schalm, connect director from the College of Toronto School of Ongoing Studies. Even though Schalm notes that assessment agencies are dedicated to exactly the same high standards, he adds that CES is among only three Canadian agencies designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to evaluate academic qualifications for immigration reasons.

What CES searches for

Indeed it's CES’ connection to the College of Toronto brand which has many companies, schools, professional organizations and certification organizations coveting a CES assessment.

“It’s our research and experience, understanding what to search for where to search for recognition that differentiates us, ” describes David Pauwels, a qualifications assessor that has labored with CES in excess of eight years.

“Finding out when the giving institution is recognized within its very own country is important, ” adds Pauwels by what is involved while identifying Canadian equivalency of the foreign credential.

Included in the authentication and verification process, official transcripts are examined carefully to make sure that the right features, signatures, and knowledge show up on the documents. Or no discrepancies or problems exist, institutions are approached directly for more verification. Fraudulent qualifications are very rare, however their recognition is an integral part from the assessment process.

CES analyzes academic qualifications from just about all institutions and nations (whether public, private, on-campus or through learning online), CES doesn't assess non-academic qualifications, including apprenticeships, professional licences, experience, trade certificates or any other non-formal qualifications.

Pauwels adds: “We don't make any type of judgment regarding a person's professional competency. Our responsibility would be to determine whether someone’s academic credential is the same as one gained in Canada.”

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