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March 22, 2016
TDSB s Learning Opportunities

14704200941_0002188237_zI awoke today towards the word ‘freedom’ i believe. How wonderful I figured this can be a day-to project freedom. I had been requested by Priya’s father (not her real title) basically might take proper care of her today and drop her to college at 10:30am instead of regular time at 8:40am. Priya my autistic student that attends my after school program and it is absolutely beautiful. Err- That’s an unusual request I figured. I had been happy to look after her however unclear about why the college would request her in the future late. He texted me the teacher requested the JK students in the future at 10:30 since the Senior kindergarten students were getting graduation. So today Used to do need to go by the college at 8:40am and observed All of the kids were enroute to college – as always. The mother and father, students and instructors were outfitted up, providing gifts and searching excited for any party. I ended a few of the JK parents travelling to request when they understood anything relating to this late fall off? All of them stated no. I requested certainly one of ECE assistants and she or he stated: ‘oh Priya needs to come at 10:30 today.’ I stated: ‘can I request why?’ She stated: ‘wellllll we do not have an EA on her today.’ ‘And you possess an EA after 10:30?’ Welllllll the thing is we’re likely to hand out goodies and Priya notice and obtain realllly upset. But you shouldn't say anything.’ And So I you know what you’re saying is that you simply don’t want Priya to ruin your graduation?

I went to the teacher and requested and she or he stated: ‘you understand what? I can’t talk to you, you aren't parents and she or he should really come at 10:30.’ Wow- I figured. I walked to the principal and stated: ‘I am Priya’s health professional and that i know this really is non of my company (I’ve been informed) however I really want you to understand that what’s happening here today is wrong. This Muirhead PS student was requested to not attend this graduation do you not discover that a little discriminatory? She's the authority to be around just like everybody yet you’re asking her to not attend school until 10:30 when it’s over?.’ She checked out me firmly and stated: ‘ I refer to it as establishing kids for achievement. And when your that upset speak with the father.’ As beginners to Canada the daddy was unclear about his kids privileges within the public school system. I spoke to him on the telephone and that he stated: ‘I only agreed to be doing because they requested.’

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