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March 1, 2023
By the Dalhousie Dentistry

At the initial screening visits, you'll be evaluated to find out if you're a appropriate patient for the students. Please visit below a notice that is published in most Faculty treatment centers regarding patient viability:


Patients and prospective people are advised that does not everybody is appropriate to get or remain someone within the teaching treatment centers from the Faculty of Dentistry because of the teaching needs for that students. The next criteria may suggest unsuitability:-

  • Deficiencies in medical information.
  • Extensive and/or complex dental care is needed.
  • Patient management challenges are past the capacity of the undergraduate student.
  • Complex health background.
  • Dental care needs which aren't suitable for our educational programme.
  • A mix of any of these criteria.

Prospective people are examined on admission to the school treatment centers and periodically after that. They might be discovered to be unacceptable to become treated within the Faculty treatment centers or, because of the factors above, might be requested to find dental hygiene within an alternative facility after as being a patient from the Faculty treatment centers.

Dr. James Posluns, Director of Treatment centers

Please be confident that these choices are drawn in the very best interests of both patient and also the students from the Faculty of Dentistry.

At the initial appointment, we'll take x-sun rays for the situation file within our Radiology Clinic. At the time of the first appointment, please bring photo identification along with you once we want it to join up you like a patient.

The cost of fundamental x-sun rays is all about $71.00*, due whenever you report for the visit.

Immediately after your x-sun rays are taken, you will be requested to are accountable to the Dental Diagnosis Clinic where you'll make a scheduled appointment for the second visit.

In Dental Diagnosis, your treatment needs could be examined at length along with a determination is going to be made regarding your viability for the teaching treatment centers. It's also necessary that your treatment needs be completely examined to ensure that your situation could be designated towards the appropriate student provider.

A fundamental Dental Diagnosis appointment costs about $47.00*, due whenever you report for the first visit.

Should you decide anytime to not continue treatment around, you might bring your x-sun rays for your private dental professional, however your situation file will stay around. A duplicate of the file could be presented to you for any small administrative fee and once you have signed a request a duplicate.

How Quickly Are You Going To Get Work Done in your Teeth?

Based on the season and our requirement for patients, it will take days or perhaps several weeks to become designated to some student.

Based on your requirements, it will take as much as 2 yrs (or even longer), to accomplish all of your dental work here. If you're in a hurry to obtain dental work done and have a particular deadline in your mind, you should think about seeing a private dental professional whose office schedule is going to be a lot more flexible than our students' agendas.

Source: www.dentistry.utoronto.ca
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