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May 30, 2023
Ontario Ministry of

The Ministries of your practice and Training, Schools and Colleges are the main thing on the federal government education agenda. The Legal Services Branch plays a vital part in supporting that agenda and counsel work in an array of practice areas for the Ministries’ activities.

Additionally to ministry clients, counsel within our branch work carefully using the Constitutional Law Branch, Crown Law Firm – Civil, and Legislative Counsel.

What we should do

The kind of work differs from aiding with policy development and also the legislative process, to participating in legal research and supplying opinions, to supplying extensive lawsuit support and showing up before administrative tribunals.

We provide proper and legal counsel in regards to the development and operation of programs, initiatives and guidelines, with regards to issues developing within the education sector, including:

  • Student achievement
  • Special education
  • School board and governance issues
  • Funding matters
  • Teacher qualifications
  • Apprenticeship and training
  • Student financial help
  • Various employment services
  • Publish-secondary educational facilities.

Additionally to education law, we:

  • Recommend aboriginal issues, such as the duty to see
  • Provide extensive suggestions about administrative law issues
  • Recommend issues relevant towards the Environment Bill of Privileges
  • Help with and recommend complex procurement transactions, including contracts and transfer obligations
  • Recommend freedom of knowledge and protection of privacy issues, in addition to handling proceedings developing in this region.

Our major cases

We're the main thing on among the government’s key obligations – its education agenda. In connection with this, we've aided with policy development, the drafting of Cabinet Distribution, and provided instructions to Legislative Counsel. These efforts by counsel have led to the development of a number of Bills, including:

  • Healthy Food Choices for Healthy Schools Act, 2008
  • Schools Collective Negotiating Amendment Act
  • Education Amendment Act (Keeping our children Safe in school), 2009
  • Ontario Work Mobility Act, 2009
  • Student Achievement and college Board Governance Act, 2009
  • Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009

Additionally towards the Bills, we labored towards advancing the government’s legislative objective through numerous new and amended Rules.

What students do

Students work carefully with counsel within our office and therefore are involved in an array of practice areas which include connection with ministry clients. Students are involved in:

  • Legal research and analysis
  • Planning situation summaries and legal memoranda
  • Focusing on briefing materials for clients
  • Drafting reactions to correspondence in the public
  • Comparative analyses of law from various areas.

Attempts are also designed to ensure students have the opportunity to attend proceedings with counsel, specially when a student has completed focus on the situation.

Why choose us

Students selected to operate within the Legal Services Branch possess the chance to engage in education initiatives which are much talked about and comprise key obligations produced by the federal government. Students works inside a collegial office where counsel are friendly and dedicated to making certain that every student is uncovered to a number of encounters, both when it comes to the practice area and the kind of legal work that's being completed.

Source: www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca
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