Best Elementary schools in Canada

October 28, 2022
Best schools (Henry
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I have published this already on education forum, but nobody appears to understand the solution there, so I have made the decision to publish it here too if you do not mind.

After I have had an event of coping with the techniques of your practice in US public schools, ( my boy is within seventh grade right now, ) I question if you will find any people here who know what are the differences between your US and Canadian public schools when it comes to quality of your practice.

Obviously I had been appalled by the amount of teaching in US schools in academic sence, since it is nowhere near to the degree of Soviet schools, which i was attending very long time ago. I actually do visit a large improvement in Techniques of your practice that Russians applied equally to all of us techniques, in which the text-books are missing in the first grade on. With the lack of texbooks DEFINITE standards of the items must be accomplished by students through the finish of the season, the best way of measuring progress are clearly absent too (so far as parents are worried.)

I understand that education in public places schools is much better in Europe ( even though some Britons explained that the standard from it gets somewhat worse recently too, ) and I have heard that Canadian education in public places schools is much better then in US.

Does anybody know why exactly, what is actually the main distinction between Canadian and American public schools?

Could it be the main difference in techniques training? The factors? The needs for diploma?

Any information could be appreciated, thanks ahead of time.

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Thanks, I thank you for information however am remaining with many different questions. If you can transport on - can you please...

See, lately I had been taking part in a single particular thread "American school" on Russian forum, where couple of Russians residing in US were talking about this subject too. The sentiment was unanimous - the factors of curriculum in US public schools are extremely low equally as to the we accustomed to. And we're not speaking here about "inner city" American schooling - for instance My home is relatively village with two Colleges and college within the neighbourhood, plus our condition generally will rank very well when it comes to school education ( granted - I have heard which includes private schools too.) So no *inner city* in picture here, around places where other particpants of the discussion live. One of these stated that her daughter went from third grade in Moscow right to the 5th grade in US and did not learn anything new. She ( parents) discusses crummy pieces of paper for coloring that her daughter continues buying as "homework." Same picture here, with my son's "homework." Lately they got "F" for German and that i did not even bother to discuss it: he unsuccessful to paint another poster - which was the greatest a part of their curriculum throughout the majority of the year. That, and learning traditions of "Octoberfest." Which is seventh grade - crazy. No physics, no training of chemistry around the corner and poor excuse for "history training."

So my question here - does Canadian system of your practice ( well, the provinces more specifically as is available pointed out, ) set the greater standards for curriculum - could it be nearer to European standards ( I suppose they're somewhat greater then within US, ) or what is your opinion in regards to this matter?

Thanks ahead of time,


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My boy went from do practically nothing and that i mean zero operate in Texas getting straight A's. The letter for that jacket and also the whole factor. We gone to live in Alberta for his grade 12 year and that he needed to try to get B's. Something totally new to him getting resided in Texas for many years.

Whenever we were speaking towards the schools before we moved they stated they take 10-30(!!) percent from the Texas grades to determine the way the child ought to be placed. I believe the issue in Texas would be that the school, the instructors and also the concepts are compensated bonuses for the way the children do around the stupid standardized tests. So that they train the children crafting standardized tests and never how you can think on their own.

What can be options here - go swimming team, football, band are classes there. My sons latter periods every single day for several years was go swimming team. He was fit and also the school go swimming team he was on within grade 12 would be a joke in comparison to Texas. However ,...

Also, he was not able to carry on this guitar rock band he did in junior high school. You can't do band along with a sport. Installed a lot time into each you've got no room to complete both.

The colleges in the region i was in also were juggled regarding grade and number to make sure just one senior high school within the town. You cannot split the football synergy you realize! Like grade 9 was at one school. There you have it - the entire school was grade nine twelve months. Which has since transformed. The town got too large.

Which was within the public school system. There is a personal school around and that i had some buddies with kids there. Only difference I saw was just how much they taken care of much of the identical.

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I am unsure To be sure using the fierce competition comment above. My sons buddies experienced decent schools - not Yale, Harvard etc of course. Non of these were high academic high achievers - mostly average. They were given right into a and M, UT Austin, etc.

These were all just normal kids. I believe we push way too hard for that a's and b's, pushing kids into a lot of activities simply because they require it for his or her resumes to get involved with college. Someone within the other forums is searching for a personal pre K that does not are more expensive than $10Thousand for heavens sake. My boy visited an open pre K (only 3 half days per week - mostly for socialization cause he's an only) in CA. It had been mostly lower earnings families. Other kids on the block visited "private" pre K and kindergardens. He's in 3rd year computer engineering, doing too or much better than his buddies from that point.

I really hope my sons generation of oldsters isn't outrageous competitive like my generation was. I believe his generation skipped on lots of just playtime. These were way too busy.

All JMHO obviously!

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