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December 1, 2022
How To Use Your B.Ed. Beyond

teaching opportunities in rural ontario medical programShould you be a ROMP preceptor, you'll:

  • Expose students to rural medicine
  • Influence medical students’ future career pathways
  • Behave as a pressure of positive alternation in your workplace or hospital
  • Help medical students develop critical abilities

Our teaching possibilities also need you to behave as a job model for medical students and provide direct and immediate feedback to students through the time period of their rotation.

The Applying Process

To become preceptor, the initial step along the way is completing our teaching application. We need you to submit your Resume by using it. When your application continues to be approved, we'll give back a preceptor package that provides more details concerning the program and can contact you extra about available teaching possibilities. We allow it to be easy!

We Provide Extensive Support

We truly value the preceptors who instruct the medical students and citizens who take part in our program. Before pairing you having a student, we'll credential the student and secure their hospital rights. To avoid burnout, we'll make a comprehensive effort to actually are matched up with a number of different learning levels and given sufficient breaks in between each rotation. We provide continual support by performing faculty visits and school development periods.

Through our program, you could have an affect on the doctors of tomorrow. To learn more about our teaching possibilities with ROMP, call us today.

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