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November 22, 2021
Tentative Agreement Reached

TORONTO — The Peel District School Board is thinking about making uniforms mandatory for college students in the public schools.

Uniforms happen to be examined included in an airplane pilot project at Central Peel School. Boys are needed to put on a lengthy-sleeve eco-friendly or whitened golf change decorated using the school’s logo design.

Students the dress code, that also includes black pants, isn't popular.

“I prefer to put on what I wish to put on rather than needing to put on exactly the same factor everyday, ” stated grade 10 student Balaaj Zafar.

One student told Global News he intentions of departing Central Peel School due to their sartorial decision, but he might have couple of places to visit since the school board is considering growing the gown code policy to any or all public secondary schools within the district.

“Should the insurance policy be accepted tonight it will likely be implemented immediately, ” stated district representative John Woodland.

“That means any school can use an important uniform policy the coming year as lengthy because they possess the support of the community and staff.”

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The choice may also create school uniforms within the grade school system too, based on Woodland.

Some students begin to see the uniforms as stifling of private expression.

“I think my style is part of me [along with a eco-friendly golf shirt] makes me seem like a classic guy, ” stated Zafar, who did observe that the t shirts he dislikes are comfy.

“There’s this concept it levels the playing area also it takes your competition from the way you dress, ” stated Lawrence DeMaeyer, school support officer using the Peel District School Board and former principal of Central Peel School.

Based on the school board parents initially expresses overwhelming support for that idea: Over 75 percent from the school’s families supported the pilot project at Central Peel School.

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