Ministry of Education in Ontario

May 27, 2022
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Hon. Liz SandalsLiz Sandals has symbolized the riding of Guelph in the Ontario legislature since 2003.

Sandals presently can serve as the Minister of your practice. She's offered because the Parliamentary Assistant towards the Ministers of Health insurance and Lengthy-Term Care, Transportation, Education, Government Services, and Community Safety and Correctional Services.

As Minister of your practice, Sandals has overseen the introduction of a brand new collective negotiating framework, taken steps to modernize child care within the province and launched Achieving Excellence: A Restored Vision for Education in Ontario.

She's brought the government's Safe Schools Action Team and offered around the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, the Choose Committee on Mental Health insurance and Destructive addictions and Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet.

Sandals first grew to become involved with politics with education issues. She was chosen towards the local public school board in 1988 and it was re-chosen four occasions. She offered as chair from the board and it was chosen as leader from the Ontario Public School Boards' Association (OPSBA) from 1998 to 2002. She also sitting around the board of company directors from the Canadian School Boards Association.

In recognition of her act as OPSBA leader, she was selected because the first person receiving the “Outstanding Contribution to Education Award” through the Ontario Principals' Council. The Center for Addiction and Mental Health's Center for Prevention Sciences (London) presented Sandals using their 2009 4th R Award in recognition of her leadership around the Safe Schools Action Team and her significant contributions to creating Ontario schools safer.

Just before her election, Sandals labored like a computer programmer analyst and trained information technology in the College of Guelph. Sandals was raised in Guelph and received a Bs in the College of Guelph along with a Masters of mathematics in the College of Waterloo. Sandals and her husband, David, have two children, Richard and Allison, and three grandchildren.

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