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May 24, 2021

You will find over 900 private schools registered using the Ontario Secretary of state for Education. CIS Ontario (The Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario) has 46 member schools – 43 in Ontario and three out-of-province Connect People. Our schools are called “independent” as every one has Independent Boards of Governors who have the effect of the lengthy-term policy directions for his or her individual schools. As a result, CIS Ontario schools possess a way of measuring accountability built-in.

CIS Ontario schools offer an array of options for moms and dads. Schools run from large to small, urban to rural, day and boarding, single gender and co-educational. It's important for potential instructors to research the mission and culture of colleges they are curious about to make sure a ‘best fit.’ A feeling of each school’s culture could be learned in the school website – these website are available with the School Search function around the CIS Ontario website.

CIS Ontario schools meet and exceed the curriculum anticipation from the Ontario Secretary of state for education. Additionally, many schools provide the Worldwide Baccalaureate Programme, Advanced Positioning Courses, Montessori education, Reggio Emilia inspired programmes along with other niche programmes.

No. CIS Ontario is definitely an association of Ontario independent schools whose mission would be to advance educational excellence in Ontario independent schools. We make this happen mission by supplying tools and programmes to:

  • Provide unique inter-school student encounters.
  • Provide possibilities for ongoing professional development as well as networking among member schools.
  • Provide possibilities to talk about assets and finest practices and encounters across using one of member schools.
  • Facilitate collaborative activity.
  • Disseminate relevant research and knowledge.
  • Promote sustainability from the CIS Ontario member school community through advocacy and promotion.

Each school accounts for their very own staffing and employing. Teaching positions in CIS Ontario schools are published at work Search page of the website and therefore are usually marketed within the Globe and Mail. Many schools may also publish employment possibilities on their own school website. You have access to school websites with the School Search purpose of this website.

CIS Ontario transmits groups of instructors to all the Ability of your practice in Ontario to provide presentations on teaching careers in independent schools in their job festivals. Additionally, CIS Ontario runs work Possibilities Trip to The Ontario Science Center in Toronto at the begining of March. Look into the Career Calendar for dates of Career Festivals along with other possibilities.

Staffing is generally determined between The month of january and March and college will advertise positions because they are determined. Employing is generally completed before June of every year for an additional year. This allows new instructors to go to the college, meet their co-workers, gather curriculum materials and start their coaching and induction activities.

Schools will usually give a contact title and directions for posting programs within the job posts. Some schools need ‘spec’ resumes however that policy differs from school to college.

CIS Ontario schools try to build balanced teaching teams, composed of recent, mid-career and experienced instructors. With respect to the demographic of the school’s teaching staff, schools do hire new instructors as appropriate.

CIS Ontario schools seek licensed instructors usually. If you will find specialized needs for positions, they'll be articulated within the job posts. Nearly all instructors in CIS Ontario schools are licensed to train in Ontario and therefore are people from the Ontario College of Instructors. The rest of the instructors bring specialized skills to CIS Ontario schools.

Nearly all CIS Ontario schools have compensation packages which are equivalent or slightly much better than the neighborhood Boards. Schools that don't meet this qualifying criterion are dedicated to achieving parity over time.

Nearly all CIS Ontario schools do lead to OTPP. Individuals schools that don't lead to OTPP have private retirement plans for his or her instructors.

In Ontario, private schools don't receive public funding. CIS Ontario schools are self-funded through tuition and contributions from current and past parents and graduates from the schools. CIS Ontario doesn't lobby for public funding once we have confidence in the presence of a powerful, openly funded education system for those children. Our schools offer options for moms and dads.

Yes. CIS Ontario schools are dedicated to the on-going professional development of their instructors.

Yes. CIS Ontario schools provide a full-range of robust programmes in athletics, arts, and community and social service. All instructors are required to become active participants within their school’s co-curricular programmes.

All CIS Ontario schools offering school credits in Ontario are looked over through the Secretary of state for Education. Nearly all CIS Ontario schools will also be accredited through the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) through their rigorous cyclical review and accreditation process.

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