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March 20, 2015
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Elementary certification: Primary-Junior, Primary: Junior Kindergarten - grade 3 / Junior: grade 4 - grade 6. When completed from the program graduates holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Teacher Education.

Secondary certification: Intermediate-Senior, Intermediate: grade 7 - grade 10 / Senior: grade 11 - grade 12. When completed from the program, graduates holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Teacher Education.

Primary-Junior. Toronto District Catholic School Board, Senhor Santo Cristo Grade School, 30 Humbert St. Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1M5

Intermediate-Senior. P La Salle College “Oaklands”, 131 Farnham Ave. Toronto, ON M4V 1H7

Ontario Campus Contact: 905.294.7260

Yes, Niagara College in Ontario holds written consent underneath the Ontario Secretary of state for Training, Schools and Colleges.

Yes, Niagara College in Ontario is accredited through the Ontario College of Instructors.

Yes, all training, area encounters and practica is going to be carried out Ontario.

Both elementary and secondary programs is going to be four semesters lengthy and can take roughly 2 yrs to accomplish.

Semester 1: Fall (September - December)

Semester 2: Spring (The month of january - May)

Summer time Off

Semester 3: Fall (September - December)

Semester 4: Spring (The month of january - May)

(Practicum positions aren't obtainable in the summer time therefore you don't attend within the summer time).

Niagara College includes a moving admissions policy. This program starts annually within the fall semester. Programs are thought because they are received and examined inside a holistic fashion consistent with the mission from the college. We encourage all candidates to start the internet application as quickly as possible, making certain time for you to complete all application needs. The sooner are applying, the earlier the application is going to be considered. Qualified students will still be recognized before the program is full. Please be aware programs may fill without advance notice.

  • Semester 1: Fundamentals
  • Semester 2: Techniques / Pedagogy
  • Semester 3: Practicum
  • Semester 4: Practicum

Area encounters are made to provide extensive experience of various schools, learning conditions, grade levels (because they affect the certificate), as well as in the variety from the student population within the classes. Area encounters can be achieved in public places or Catholic school boards or a mix of both. Niagara College in Ontario area encounters exceed individuals which are needed through the Ontario Secretary of state for Education.

The next area encounters take root in to the program:

  • first Semester: Pre-service Area Encounters
  • second Semester: Teaching Assistantship
  • 3rd Semester: Practicum
  • fourth Semester: Practicum

Secondary students may have positions within the content regions of their two teachables.

Cohort-based programs is software by which candidates attend courses and area encounters like a specific group generating their levels together inside a professional learning community. A cohort approach requires a diverse number of students and tries to build them right into a community of teacher-students by constructing their class agendas together by teaching them in ways that stresses collegiality. It's extremely non-competitive, and therefore non-traditional. The training of every individual will help the training of others the achievements of 1 will help all. This increases the peer support that candidates experience inside their group while at Niagara College, in area encounters, student teaching and then as alumni.

The model is dependant on some concepts referred to as constructivism where the program is made around the seem research base of cooperative learning and it is in line with recent findings on effective professional growth projects. It possesses a laboratory of significant interaction while offering the chance to build up professional tendencies and leadership abilities every day.

Further, this program utilizes team methods attracted in the business and sports mobile phone industry's and fuses them right into a collaborative school faculty. Candidates and professors alike find cohort-based programs to become an optimistic and dynamic chance to learn.

To put it simply: to ready to become teacher within the collaborative, constructivist and reflective schools of tomorrow, the scholars act as a cohort within their pre-service studies today.

Because the program is cohort-based, your schedule is designated.

Classes is going to be held 4 – five days each week, including area encounters.

The all inclusive costs for that program (60 credits over 4 semesters) is roughly $29, 520 CA.

There's a $25 registration fee for every semester along with a Chalk and Wire electronic portfolio fee of $46 each year.

More details relating to Niagara’s teacher education program are available online at

It's highly suggested that you simply attend an educational session. More educational periods, in Ontario as well as on the NU Campus, is going to be approaching soon. Occasions, dates, locations, and registration information are available at world wide

Niagara College in Ontario’s teacher education application is self handled.

Yes, a baccalaureate degree from a certified college or college is needed for admissions. The amount conferred must be published around the official transcript.

People who haven't completed a bachelor’s degree and therefore are presently “in progress” having a graduation date planned before the beginning of Niagara University’s program have to indicate this on their own application. Also, the official letter in the college / college ought to be posted to ensure your planned graduation date. The “in progress” letter is supplied through the registrar or academic department.

Please submit together with your application the “in progress” letter along with a current transcript showing classes you're presently signed up for. Your final transcript is going to be needed when your degree is conferred and published.

You'll need a minimum overall average of the 70 (B). People using towards the secondary program also require a minimum average of the 70 (B) both in teachable areas.

Niagara College in Ontario highly suggests participating in encounters with children and adolescents but doesn't need it. Whenever spent dealing with children and adolescents is efficacious and definitely a terrific way to gain class- room experience. Please be aware any experience on resume and/or experience profile.

Niagara College in Ontario is around the three-credit-hour system. Three credit hrs equal .5 credit per half-year course. Many Canadian classes are twelve month, which may associate to 6 credit hrs. Six full-year courses (or 12 half credits) would associate to 36 college/college credit hrs.

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