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April 4, 2015

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) is definitely an innovative translational research organization devoted to analyze around the prevention, early recognition, treatment and diagnosis of cancer. OICR was released through the Government of Ontario in December 2005 to tackle the large questions in cancer research.


  • Translation of research findings into items, services and enhanced clinical practice.


  • Greater than 1, 700 scientists, clinician researchers, research staff and students at MaRS and also at Ontario’s leading colleges and hospital-based research institutes.


  • Activities smartly selected to pay attention to regions of the greatest potential effect on patients
  • Develops Ontario’s existing global talents including scientists over the province – medical imaging, clinical tests, cancer stem cells and bio-therapeutics
  • Complements Ontario’s talents with world-leading programs and facilities in genomics, bio-informatics and-throughput screening.

Proper Research Plan

  • Facilitate adoption of personalized medicine for cancer
  • Seek methods to critical problems that may benefit patients within the next 5 years
  • Enhance and facilitate the digitization and interpretation of cancer data.


  • In-house focused discovery unit that speeds up its very own new molecular organizations
  • Translational pipeline maintained through shared infrastructure, assets and world-class expertise
  • Sufficient funding readily available for translation.

Close ties and collaborations

  • California Institute for Restorative healing Medicine
  • Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • Cancer Care Ontario
  • General electric Health care
  • Worldwide Cancer Genome Consortium
  • MaRS Innovation
Source: oicr.on.ca
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