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August 22, 2022

Generally, an applicant’s complete academic record, including school in addition to all publish-secondary studies (e.g. college, college, or any other publish-secondary institutions) is going to be examined and regarded included in the competitive buying process. Ryerson receives more programs than spaces available. The earnings/grades needed for admission selection to every program is decided based on competition every year. Having minimum earnings and/or grades doesn't guarantee admission.

You're needed to declare all secondary and publish-secondary institutions attended in your application and Extra Form and submit transcripts from each institution (some exceptions apply, see below).

Students accepted to some Ryerson undergraduate degree program must complete a minumum of one half (50%) from the program’s curriculum at Ryerson. A maximum of as many as 50% from the program’s needs may contain advanced standing/credits (transfer credits, challenge credits, credits granted on the Letter of Permission).

Course explanations/outlines of publish-secondary studies commonly are not needed for admission consideration if this post is needed, a request is going to be submitted for you. Detailed course outlines might be needed included in the transfer credit application, after admission continues to be granted.

Unless of course otherwise mentioned within an Offer of Admission, the next is applicable in case your complete publish-secondary degree can be used to allow you admittance to a maximum level:

  • Courses won't be recorded as individual transfer credits and might not be used to try to get transfer credit.
  • The initial grades won't be recorded as rated courses in your Ryerson academic record.
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Humber College at Ryerson
Humber College at Ryerson
American college cricket NYU Poly Vs Ryerson Uni.mp4
American college cricket NYU Poly Vs Ryerson Uni.mp4
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