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May 29, 2015
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The Physician of Educational Ministry (DEdMin) is made to encourage you inside your ministry journey and also to further equip you to definitely effectively minister currently.

Distance Model

Remain in your present ministry and are available to campus one or two days from the year.

Educationally Driven

Created for an MA/CE or equivalent degree employed in educational ministries.

Personalized Approach

Make use of a like-minded select few (Cohort) a treadmill-on-one having a mentor.

Cohort Approach

The cohort structure is provided for college students seeking a specialized plan of study having a select few of ministry co-workers. This group moves via a designated area of the program together, taking pleasure in a residential area knowledge about fellow students and mentor students.

General Approach

The overall program enables students to pursue an adaptable, individualized plan of study using the guidance of the faculty agent. The program enables students to create and personalize their course map around their core ministry needs, goals and interests.

DEdMin Process and Particulars

The center from the DEdMin is versatility and personalization. To start, you'll create a general plan of study. You might concentrate on one of many areas for example chapel education, ministry to children, youth or adult ministry, roles as connect pastors or ministry company directors, educational administration, camping ministry, spiritual formation, women’s ministry, or design a course having a varied approach. Your plan, that is examined yearly, arises from your own personal goals, as well as your assessment of perceived talents and restrictions.

The way the DEdMin is Organized

The Fundamentals Your Choice One Last Project
ID201 Logos training COHORT - 15 DM102 Research Seminar*
DM310 Learning Theory
DE101 Educational Leader ELECTIVES - 6 DM102 Research Study
Total: 9 hrs Total: 21 hrs

*While a cohort normally includes 18 hrs, we frequently build the study Seminar in to the cohort rotation. This normally enables a student yet another elective within their program.

What are the differences between DMin and DEdMin?

The DMin and DEdMin degree programs stick to the same fundamental format (see below), but new accreditation needs necessitate distinguishing between students centered on educational ministries and who hold an MA in education (DEdMin) and individuals in additional general ministry leadership configurations who hold an MDiv or equivalent degree (DMin).

How can DEdMin studies work?

We mix the very best adult learning and professional ministry education. DEdMin, like DMin research is built on the first step toward scriptural theology and ministry theory, but concentrate on practical facets of ministry.

Pre and post the resident part of each course, you'll complete projects associated with your own personal ministry. Then, in the finish from the program, you'll write an applied research study, which implements and examines ministry inside your particular context. The methods you learn for creating an assessing ministries is going to be invaluable during your ministry career.

Professional Ministry Education

While professors bring their expertise towards the class, significant participation through the students is urged, and learning is really a collaborative process. Lectures may introduce a subject, but after that you'll discuss, debate, problem solve, and plan together inside a slow paced life. DEdMin learning is deliberately highly relevant to ministry and existence.

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SCCS Family Faith Educational Ministry
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Khmer Education, Education Promotion, Ministry of Health
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