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December 6, 2018
Our fourth anniversary slipped

Why did the Secretary of state for Education get the School Information Finder?

It was created to provide parents a dependable resource about Ontario's openly funded schools. Details about student achievement, a student population and also the school itself supplies a more potent profile of every school helping provide overall context.

The College Information Finder boosts the transparency and accountability of Ontario's openly funded school system. It offers information to inspire a far more informed dialogue about schools and college towns. These details allows all people from the school community to become informed participants within the school improvement process.

Why is not there a lot of the college profile?

The present form of the college Information Finder is really a initial step. Future improvements towards the site are now being considered. If you want to make suggestions to acquire more information to become added, please complete the .

Presently, the college profiles contain some good info that's collected through the Secretary of state for Education and a few information that's openly offered by other sources.

We encourage you to definitely go to the school's website and phone the college or school board directly to learn more in regards to a school.

Can One determine which school to transmit the kids to?

School boards may their very own policy about how exactly students are designated to varsities or if families can pick which school to go to. You need to go to the school board website or contact the college or school board staff to learn more about school boundary guidelines in your town. Each school profile within the School Information Finder includes contact details.

How current may be the information within the School Information Finder?

The data within the School Information Finder is easily the most current open to the Secretary of state for Education at this time around, reported by schools, school boards, EQAO and Statistics Canada.

The majority of the information presently on the website, including student achievement information, comes from this year's-12 school year.

A few of the student population details are calculated using data from Statistics Canada's 2006 census and 2010-11 postal code data from schools.

Source: www.edu.gov.on.ca
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