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July 29, 2014
Express Entry - Essential Tips

An Academic Credential Assessment (ECA) can be used to ensure that the foreign degree, diploma, certificate (or any other evidence of your credential) applies and comparable to a Canadian one.

Who needs an ECA?

For those who have a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate, you don't need to obtain an ECA for your credential.

You will have to have an ECA for the foreign degree, diploma or certificate if:

  1. you need to be looked at for that Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) under Express Entry, and
  2. you need to receive Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for the foreign education
    • on your own being an Express Entry candidate, or
    • for the spouse or common-law partner coming along with you to Canada.

To become qualified within) in order to get points under b) you have to include ECA results in your Express Entry profile.

The ECA report must reveal that your completed foreign credential (degree, diploma or certificate) is equivalent to a completed Canadian school (senior high school) or publish-secondary credential.

You have to submit an ECA for those amounts of completed foreign education you would like us to think about. It can be you in deciding which qualifications to possess evaluated with a designated organization.

Based on your situation, you might want to have your secondary and publish-secondary qualifications evaluated, and not simply your greatest completed foreign credential. You won't have any points for the foreign education underneath the CRS in Express Entry or perhaps be qualified underneath the FSWP when the result in your ECA report doesn't match a minumum of one from the leads to the conversion table.

Note: An ECA can provide you with early feedback about how your qualifications rival individuals in Canada. It assists to when you're searching for employment. But, being evaluated doesn't be certain that:

  • you're going to get employment inside your area or in a certain level,
  • your projects experience and professional qualifications are instantly recognized in Canada, or
  • you'll be licensed to rehearse inside a controlled profession.

A regulating authority will decide if you're able to be licensed inside a profession. They'll assess factors just like your education, experience/expertise and language abilities, along with other factors.

You need to contact the regulating authority within the province in which you intend to live as quickly as possible. They can provide you with details about the procedure to be licensed, including things you can do before leaving your house country.

How do you use it?

We'll only accept an ECA from among the organizations designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) (below).

The initial ECA report must:

  • be released on or following the date CIC designated the business,
  • 't be greater than 5 years old around the date that CIC will get a) your Express Entry profile, and b) the application for permanent residence, and
  • show your credential(s) is equivalent to a completed Canadian one.

Note: You'll have to supply the reference number in the ECA report inside your Express Entry profile, too as with the application for permanent residence (together with evidence of your foreign credential). When we cannot validate the quantity you enter, you will have to offer an electronic copy to verify. Make a copy just in case we have to view it.

If you're asked to try to get permanent residence and you don't include this assessment and evidence of your foreign credential whenever you apply, the application isn't complete and won't be recognized for processing. Any costs posted is going to be came back and you will have to submit a brand new Express Entry profile that need considering later on.

Before you decide to submit an account, look into the ECA conversion table to verify the result in your ECA report matches a minumum of one from the assessment results listed. You can observe the number of points you can get for the foreign education underneath the CRS or even the FSWP selection power grid, in line with the outcomes of your report.

Designated organizations for ECAs

You will get your assessment from:

How to find a designated organization

  1. If you're using:
    • like a specialist physician (NOC 3111) or doctor/family physician (NOC 3112), the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) should do an ECA for the primary medical diploma,
    • like a pharmacist (NOC 3131):
      • should you prefer a license to rehearse (for instance, supplying patient care inside a community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, long-term care facility or any other practice configurations) the Pharmacy Analyzing Board of Canada (PEBC) should do your ECA,
      • if you're in a position where you don't need permission (organizations like the pharmaceutical industry and government which need a pharmacy degree due to the training or expertise, but might not want a licence to rehearse pharmacy), you could have your qualifications evaluated by among the other designated ECA organizations. Contact the regulating authority within the province in which you intend to live to discover should you prefer a licence to rehearse your intended occupation.
    • under every other occupation, look into the websites from the other CIC-designated organizations or refer to them as straight to find which most closely fits your requirements. Consider:
      • Some designated organizations partner with certain regulating physiques or large companies. For the reason that situation, the ECA you receive for using to CIC may also assist you to afterwards.
      • For every one, you can examine to discover the other organizations recognize their checks.
  2. Discover what documents you'll need.
  3. Discover just how much it'll cost you. Costs can vary by organization.
  4. Discover how lengthy an exam will require.

Note: CIC uses checks made by the MCC or even the PEBC for immigration reasons. They're also used while certification for individuals professions. Please contact the regulating authority within the province in which you intend to live to learn more about obtaining a licence.

Ways to get an ECA

After you have selected a company:

  • gather all of the documents they require (make certain that you simply request your school for multiple copies of the degrees and diplomas/levels, transcripts, etc.),
  • follow any instructions provided to submit the documents, and
  • spend the money for costs.

What your report means

The business provides you with an authentic are convinced that will explain:

  • whether your qualifications are valid, and
  • if they're comparable to a completed Canadian one.

In case your assessment report implies that your completed foreign credential is equivalent to a completed Canadian one, you can these details inside your Express Entry profile. You're going to get points underneath the CRS for the greatest credential found comparable to a completed Canadian one.

You might be qualified to get points for several mixtures of two publish-secondary qualifications (whether Canadian, foreign equivalent or a mix of both). If you're asked to try to get permanent residence, you will have to incorporate your ECA reference number whenever you apply.

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